I'm back with another challenge! :D I finally finished all the prizes for the last one, so I decided to make a new challenge!

Basically, the theme for this challenge is....
TYPOGRAPHY (which is obvious from the title of this challenge)

Typography Style 1:
Our Distance
Good Night Uncle Toilet
My Heart is Not Burdened
Typography Style 2:
Perfect Crime Quest
how do YOU [DO]?
Oh Daydreamer
No Logic
Girl's [Diary]
Leading Destiny

Explanation of the 2 styles:
Typography Style 1:
From the examples, you can probably tell the difference between the two. Typography style 1 is basically having a bunch of words, and with typography, you make certain words stand out from others in a paragraph. For this style, many colors are used, there are many words, and sometimes, more than one type of font is used.

Typography Style 2:
This is just using fonts/words and arranging them, so it DOESN'T make the usual style of having 2-3 lines and placing one above the other (example). This requires some time into thinking about how to arrange small amounts of words. There may be only 1 color used.

I'm trying out something new with this challenge, where there is only first place, and 1 runner up. But by that, I mean this:
- When creating your wallpaper, decide which typography style you want to go with.
- Enter your submission, and include in the description which style you had chosen.
- There will be 1 winner from each typography style, and 1 runner up out of all the wallpapers submitted. Therefore, there will still be 3 winners.
*Any questions about this can be asked in the comments! I'll try to answer/clarify things as best as I can.

1. Follow theO's rules.
2. No nudity/underwear showing.
3. Wallpapers that do now have either of the 2 typography styles will not be considered, no matter how much effort was put in, or how amazing the wallpaper looks.
4. Effort must be put in. I don't want to see a 5-minute work of enlarging a picture, and putting it into wallpaper size.
5. Must have good quality.
6. Unlimited entries allowed.
7. Must show link to original scan.
*You will be judged according to quality, effort, and how amazing the typography looks!

The two people who get first place can choose between:
- 1 wallpaper & ecard
- 1 wallpaper & iphone wallie
- 1 wallpaper & gift
- 1 wallpaper & 3 icons
- ecard, iphone wallie & gift
- something reasonable and that I can do
The one person who gets runner up can choose between:
- 1 wallpaper
- 1 wallpaper & 3 icons
- 1 ecard & gift
- 1 iphone wallie & gift

Good luck to you all! You have 3 months to enter~

I hope this challenge will be fun for you guys. ^^

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