Karisan Bishounen Futago

Had the idea of this challenge since awhile ago, but wasn't sure if it would be a good idea, but now there's this challenge slam, so i thought i give it a try...

The title of the challenge, means 'handsome twins'.So i would like you to create wallpapers of identical twins, but only boys...i guess i have some addiction to them xD

1. They can be from any anime/manga but i would prefer such ones, i'm familiar with, for example:digimon frontier, OHSHC, Tsubasa, vampire knight, hetalia, trigun
2. They can be only boys and identical twins
3. No plagiarism! It must be your own creation, so please no stealing!
4. Be creative: please do not just upload a scan as a wallpaper
5. I would be happy if you would give the sources you used in a description
6. Please no yaoi(oh well, mild twincest allowed... the only type of yaoi i like xD)
7. If you like to, you can make a crossover wall with more twin pairs
8. Have FUN!!!
9. No restriction limit in submitting

Well, i hope i'm not too strict with the rules... i'll judge your wallpaper upon that, how much work you put in it, and upon creativeness

The prices will be:

1rst place: 2 wallpapers and a card
2nd place: 1 wallpaper and a card
3rd place: 1 wallpaper

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Thiefspawn lilylily09
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in the blue with broken wings ~lilylily09
accursed twins ~reichiinya
Hikaru and Kaoru: Street Smart ~Rein Akira
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