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OMG!!!! MY FIRST CHALLENGE!!! This is crazy lol. Little me, making a challenge...ANYWAY.

Yesh, you read the title right. It says VOCALOID. Yuppers. Okay, now honestly, who doesn't love them? Their AHmazing, great songs, and mostly ZE BEST PICTURES!! So this will be a very very easy challenge. All I want you guys to do is make a wallie of your favorite Vocaloid. It can be Miku Hatsune, Len Kagamine, and so on. But I can't let you go that easily. *smirks* With the wallie, you have to write the lyrics of your favorite Vocaloid song. Example: My favorite character is Miku Hatsune. So I'd make a wallie of her with her song lyrics, "World is Mine." Easy enough?

Some examples of Vocaloid Wallies:
{{ ♥ }}
{{ ♥ }}
{{ ♥ }}
{{ ♥ }}
{{ ♥ }}
{{ ♥ }}
{{ ♥ }}
{{ ♥ }}

And all you have to do is just add a lyric from your favorite Vocaloid song.
Easy Peasy.

♥Has 1 ONE Vocaloid in Wallie
♥Dedicated To Me {Please}
♥Has AT LEAST 1 Lyric From a VOCALOID Song
♥Spend time on it. Make it Pretty. ^_^
♥ Give Credit. Please don't steal someone's image. It's Christmas. Really.
♥Hmmm.....Since it's my first challenge, submit as much as you want.
♥You HAVE to listen to Miku Hastune songs while making wallie *shot*

♥Wallies will be judged on how nice and neat they look
♥How much effort you put into it
♥Winners will not be picked on popularity. I will pick them by how gorgeous their wallie is.
♥If you listened to a Miku Hatsune Song... I HAVE GOOD EARS!!!


Of course, everyone's favorite part.

1st Prize: 2 Wallies, 2 Ecards, and 5 Gifts

2nd Prize: 1 Wallie, 2 Ecards, and 5 Gifts

3rd Prize: 1 Wallie, 1 Ecard, and 5 Gifts

All who enter will get those AHmazing shiny medals and subscription

I am SO looking forward to this. You guys are AHmazing wallpaper creators, so I know I'll have a hard time picking a winner.

Oh, and I may edit this, so check from time to time.

I'll give you two months.

Many will enter, Few will win. OMG, I'VE ALWAYS WANTED TO SAY THAT!! Jk, your all winners in my heart.

Any questions, comments, or concerns, just pm me or comment in the little comment box below.

Merry Christmas you guys! ^_^

EDIT: Lol, it hasn't even been 5 minutes and I'm editing lol. Okay, so I'm going to help you guys out. Here are a list of songs and who their by:List Of All Vocaloid Songs

If that's too much for you, then here's a narrower list. ^_^ The Better List

EDIT: I will be posting VOCALOID songs and their lyrics if you guys feel lazy lol ^_^

EDIT: When you submit a creation, please include a description of who your Vocaloid is and the song your featuring!!!

Miku Hastune - World Is Mine

Miku Hatsune - Love Is War

Miku Hatsune - Po Pi Po

Miku Hatsune - Melt

Miku Hatsune - Last Night Good Night

Miku Hatsune - Celluloid

Rin Kagamine - Meltdown

Rin and Len Kagamine

Rin Kagamine - I Like You, I Love You

Rin Kagamine - Daughter/Girl Of Evil

Rin Kagamine - Fear Garden

Rin Kagamine - Paper Plane/Aeroplane

Len & Rin Kagamine - Butterfly On Your Right Shoulder

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