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Guess who just saw her in concert? ME! xD

Anyway why such a challenge? Simple because I am going to toss out a brand new and different challenge. I have seen so many of the same wallpaper challenges, do this anime, do this character, blah blah blah. Well, I am sick of it.

Now my challenge will be very simple and familiar to you as well, I suppose you are guessing, we are making Kelly Clarkson wallpapers? WRONG! No I do NOT want a single Kelly Clarkson wallpaper. You see my lovely wallpaper creators, I like twists, any good movie has a great twist written in the plot which catches your attention THUS this challenge will not feature her, well not her being actually.

Here's what you will be doing. Below is a list of her songs. You are to create a wallpaper using one of those songs listed. Any anime or character you desire is welcomed. Easy yes? I suppose, but this is the twist. This challenge is a first come first serve bases. So once a wallpaper is created from that song, that's it. I don't like duplicates. So I suggest you submit right away if you have your heart set on a certain song. Oh ho, but I won't end there, like I said another twist, only ONE submission for any anime either. Do you follow? Let me explain:

Person A decides to enter my challenge and uses the song "Miss Independent" and has a "Sailor Moon" wallpaper. Person B MUST pick not only another song to use for their wallpaper but another anime. See no duplicates.

This way, your wallpaper will shine for not only the song you choose, but also the anime that is chosen.


1. Must be an anime/manga, no OC's.
2. Must be a song listed below. Song needs to be in the wallpaper along with 1 Lyric. I will add more songs if we have enough entries.

  • Example: A Moment Like This... - Some People wait a lifetime for a moment like this.... (DO NOT USE)

3. Must have TWO different fonts
4. At least ONE texture
5. I don't want just something that was slapped on to an image, I want to see some good work put into it so add some effects, like a soft glow, plasma, whatever.
6. Give credit where credit is due, such as fonts, textures, and images.
7. ONLY 2 submissions per contestant. Put your heart into it.
8. Dedicate it to me, this is a must.
9. Another must, put "Kelly Clarkson" in your tags so I can find it.
10. Have fun.


1: I will be judging along with 2 secret judges.
2. Creations will be judged not on votes or popularity of person but by quality and how image portrays the song.
3. Do fonts work well and does the entire wallpaper have a good feeling to it.
4. Did you follow the rules? If not, your piece will not be looked at.


1. The lovely medals for all three participants.
2. All three winners will receive an ecard and wallpaper of their choice.

I think that covers anything and I do hope people do join this. She is an amazing singer and she is so awesome in concert! I just couldn't resist a Kelly Clarkson contest! :) I have so much respect for the woman!!! Have any questions ask away, however, I will ignore questions that have been already answered on this contest page because I know which ones they are. Please have fun and you have 2 months!


*Note: Songs will be crossed off once a submission is created for the contest which means that you may no longer use that song or anime....

Thankful Album 2003

  • The Trouble With love Is
  • Miss Independent - Rolan The Forgotten King
  • Low
  • Beautiful Disaster - Miku Hatsune
  • Thankful
  • A Moment Like This - Inuyasha
  • Before You Love

Breakaway Album 2004

  • Breakaway - The Story of Saiunkoku
  • Since You've Been Gone - Tenshi Ja Nai!!
  • Behind These Hazel Eyes
  • Because of You
  • Walk Away

My December Album 2007

  • Never Again
  • Sober

All I Ever Wanted Album 2009

  • My Life Would Suck Without You
  • I Do Not Hook Up
  • All I Ever Wanted
  • Already Gone
  • Cry

Stronger Album 2011

  • Mr. Know It All
  • What Doesn't Kill You (Stronger)
  • Dark Side

Currently I have 22 songs posted which is a lot of songs but if we have two submissions and many people joining the contest, I will change my rules a bit, however, more songs will be listed once submissions start happen.

Seriously folks, my life would suck without your awesome wallpaper so have fun and start creating!!! :)

-Team Plasma N

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