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Welcome, welcome, come in. Take a seat won't you? Oh and if you have an invitation, I sincerely hope you will participate, though it is far from an obligatory requirement, I thought you would be interested in it~

Now I've been turning this thought over in my brain for a little while, and I've come to the conclusion that we need more experimentation, madness!

In other words, your challenge is this:

Use an entirely new technique in your wallpaper.

Be it vectoring, scan extraction, typography... Or even a new program! Anything goes, so long you've never tried it before.
However, there's a little catch. Try and have some skill in your walls- please not just slapping stuff down.
Oh and, the classic rules:

  • You have THREE months.
  • Unlimited entries
  • Write a description of what was the new technique you used- did you like it? Can be two sentences or 4 pages, I don't care.
  • No pr0nz- aka, yaoi / yuri allowed, but keep it within theO's ratings. I don't want to be the cause of corrupted innocence.
  • Any questions, comment here or PM me!
  • Any anime/manga/videogame allowed

And then everyone's favorite spot;
multiple items can be picked- two wallpapers for example for 2nd place
1st place: Shiny gold medal, three things from me- wallpaper, fanart, card or a short 1 page comic
2nd place: Shiny gold medal, two things from me- wallpaper or card
3rd place: Shiny gold medal, one thing from me- wallpaper or card.

I look forward to your chaos! *grins*

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