stararnold 70 Years Of Marvel Comics

A while ago, I launched a wallpaper challenge to celebrate 75 years of DC comics, one of America's leading publishers for superhero comics. Since that challenge is up, we now move on as I open a challenge to celebrate 70 years of another leading U.S. publisher for superhero comics: Marvel Comics. In this challenge, you, the people entering this, must create a wallpaper featuring several superheroes and/or supervillains from several/many Marvel Comics Super-Hero series/multiseries. There's lots of characters to choose from. Make sure to include in your wallpaper piece, a text indicating the event (ex: "70 Years of Marvel Comics" or "Happy 70 Years to Marvel Comics") and make sure to include the "1939-2009" sign as part of the text in the piece itself as a reminder that Marvel Comics was established in 1939. Use what editing style suits you best for your wallpaper piece, but the wallpapers with the best design set up will win!

Good luck to everyone entering, try your best, and have fun!

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70 years of Marvel Comics ~jannycats
Marvel- 70 years ~smoking crimson
70 Years of Marvel Comics ~chocomato
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