Murder Princess Remake

it's time for a new challenge! :D
yesterday evening i've got a little bit bored so i check out some gallerys of yours! this took a long time and in the end i realised that all of you become great artists ♥ so i compared your first wallpapers with the current ones ... concerning this i've got the idea for this challenge!

i want you to do a remake of one of your oldest walls in a new style! i'm really curious what kind of wall you can do with your new abilities! ^^
to be exact: use pics and/or concept from the wall you choose; i think the only important thing is that the new wall must be related to the old one! so please give a link to your former wall ^^

1. it has to be one of your own walls
2. follow the rules of theO
3. give credits if you use renders/vectors, brushes/texture, ect.
4. it has to be your own work, no plagiarism
5. you can submit as many entries as you want
6. give a link to the older wall
7. be creative and have fun ♥

if you have questions, feel free to ask! hopefully my description is not too confusing .. and the challenge not too difficult!
you have 2 months ... and GO! ;D

1st- 1 wallie and fanart of your choice + 1 gift
2nd- 1 wallie or fanart of your choice + 1 gift
3rd- 1 fanart of your choice

hime-chan x3

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