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Thank you to all who entered! It's not fair...4 entries but only can declare 3 winners. But fear not, I'll be sending gifts to all of you because the wallies are nice!

Are you familiar with MikuMiku Dance? If not, no worries! Here's a brief and simple introduction :3 {And if you are familiar with it, the challenge is to make a wallpaper using MMD!}

MMD is a program you take Vocoloids or other models and can move them in animation to songs.
Example 1 ; Example 2 ; Example 3
The program is intended for that, but it has so much more potential! (ie, dubbing a fan project! XD I know, I'm such a voice actor/producer lol)

For purpose of this challenge, simply get familiar with bone movements and basics of the program to create one image for a wallpaper! (A vid contest would be fun, but would take a lot of time)
Example 1 ; Example 2 ; Example 3

Step 1: If you don't allready have the program, you can download it ~here~ (I recommend the 1.3 DL~ v739)
Step 2: Find the models you want to use, and remember who made them (Youtube and DA are good resources for finding things)
Step 3: Find a background and remember where you got it from
Step 4: Load the scenery (usually as an accessory) and model(s) and place them where and how you want
Step 5: Manipulate the models into desired pose.
Step 6: Find the optimum angle and either take a snapshot or File >> Render to Picture (you can turn off shadows and the graph lines first if you need to)
Step 7: Load it into the photo editor of your choice to spice it up as a wallpaper :3
Step 8: Submit the wallpaper here and REMEMBER TO CREDIT where you got all your models, accessories, bgs and such!

As you can see, there's a lot of work that goes into one frame! (Actually step 5 is the grunt of it all, the rest is the easy stuff ^^) Still, once you're familiar with it, it's easier than it sounds. So give it a go!

Give credit where credit is due! It can take months to make a model, so please credit them. This also helps others find them if they'd like to use the model as well.
No using poses or motion data from someone else, there still has to be some challenge to this challenge!
You can have multiple entries, but please only ONE per bg/models that you're using. If you have a bunch of angles for the same pose, just pick one to submit.
Don't mimic a cannon shot, esp if its from a video game. Seriously, taking a screencap directly from the series would be easier so it would be better to use your time coming up with something more original.
Keep it clean. I don't care to see anything I couldn't show my family.

All entries without credit will be disqualified if credit isn't added upon a warning.
Of course the overall aesthetics must be pleasing, but effort will be the main criteria: So if you have two models that you have posed, that took more effort than one model. If you slapped in a bunch of models and they're all in the default pose, that didn't take much effort at all.
If the scene is too crowded, it probably would not make the ideal wallpaper.
I want to see your creativity, give me a scene that says something!

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