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Good day, lovely people of theO~ I’m here with another challenge for you. And boy will it be challenging. Sorta. It really should be simple, but we shall see, ne?

So some of you have probably been expecting me to put up a challenge for some time now, and all I have to say is sorry I’ve been so busy >w<’ That’s why I’ll be making this a quick challenge. Only one month to do what I ask.

WAIT! Don’t run away!! It shouldn’t be too hard if you look at it in the right way!

Which, I should get to explaining.

The Challenge:

I want you to create a wallpaper of your night-time fantasies. Get your minds’ out of the gutters!!! Unless that’s where your fantasies lie. In that case, very well then~ What do I want? I want variety. I want to see anything your minds can come up with. Fairy circles, werewolves, vampires, elves, night-time lake dives or stargazing with the one you love…the list goes on. We all have different interpretations of fantasies, and even more differing interpretations of what happens at Night. I want to see the MAGIC of that. There is no wrong answer here people. Unless you’re confused and think it’s sunny during the nighttime. ._. (the only exception here is Alaska. lololol)

Ok, since this might be a bit confusing, feel free to ask as many questions as you need to. PM or Comment. I will get to them quickly to assist.

The Rules:

-Keep the walls clean and to the rules of theO. Even if you have some sort of erotic fantasy, conceal it or use symbolism in some other way so little kids won’t get an “OMG MOMMY, WHAT IS THAT?!” Expression. Not to mention, anything that bad would totally be against theO’s rules. >.>’

-You must use official art. No Fanart or Pixiv materials. (Also a rule here on theO)

-The wallpaper must be set at NIGHT.

-You must describe the scene depicted in your wallpaper, and let me know why you consider it a fantasy of yours.

-You must credit all sources and include a signature on your wallpaper. (The credits can be placed in the body and not on the wall, but I want to see your sig on the wall itself)

-You have one month to enter.

Alright~ I shall add prizes a bit later since I’m short on time again. The main challenge in this is going to be getting it up in a month. If you really put your mind to it though, it’s not that difficult. :3

Have fun, I’m looking forward to seeing what you’ll all come up with. ^^ v


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