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As the title said.... I challenge you to create a wallpaper of an anime that you dislike most. It could be any anime means the genre of the anime counts if that's the reason why you hate it. This challenge might really challenge you for real.... creating a wallpaper on an anime that you hate most.


  • First of all, I know that this might happen so I'll make a rule for it, I don't want to see any argumentation at the comments. If they started it just ignore it or if ever you saw your favorite anime included to the submitted entries, please don't make a move to create war.
  • Be creative, you hate that anime, it doesn't mean you can't make it beautiful.

You have two months. You can submit as many as possible if you hate lots of anime. There are reasons why we hate it so this challenges also your sportsmanship. Everyone is welcome to submit some entries ^^.

Prices by the way will be the same for the all winner... what i mean is they will all receive 1-2 wallpapers of their choice (sorry, I'm a bit busy but I'll try to give you three... I'll be my best) and 3 gifts. I'll also create an e-card you the three. For the participants I'll give you gifts or maybe an e-card once you submit a wallpaper as my way of saying thank you for joining.

Well have a nice day ^^ (bows )

Thank You Very Much

I would like to know the participants favorite anime so I could make an ecard for each and every participant. And I'd also like to know what wallpaper would like the winners want to have. I'm going to apologize now because of the delay announcement of winners. And I'd like to apologize now because I might give the card and wallpapers late because I'm very busy for college. You can remind me and tell me what prize you want and for the participants, what anime you want for the card. Just email me at tracy_[email protected] so I might get it in time. Thank you very much.

~Sakuse ^^ (Tracy)

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