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Back with another challenge!
Though I can't imagine that this will be much of a challenge for anyone

This one is roughly based off the idea of my old "You Remind Me Of....." challenge.

The idea is simple;

Make a wallpaper of an anime/manga character that reminds you of anyone close to you!

Easy, right? That's sorta what I wanted to do on this one; just make an easy challenge <3~


1. It doesn't have to be only anime and manga. You're absolutely entitled to use characters from TV shows, video games, books or anything else you like. I only used "anime" in the title because it sounded better.

2. No Vocaloids allowed. I know, I know. Vocaloids are a huge thing here. And I know I'm a big part of it, too. But to make it a challenge (maybe XD) I don't want you using any Vocaloids.

3. Unlimited entries!
I'm sure there's more than one character that reminds you of a friend of yours. And I'm sure there's more than one friend you'd like to make a wallpaper for. So you can enter as many times as you want.

4. There can be more than one character in the wallpaper.
You can make a wallpaper featuring more than one character, but you can only use ONE to represent each friend in that wall. For example, if my sister wanted to make a wallpaper with Axel and Edward Elric, both characters that remind her of me, that wouldn't be allowed. But if she wanted to do one of Edward and Alphonse, who reminds her of one of her other friends, that would be allowed. Make sense? (Also, if you choose to use more than one friend for a single wallpaper, it does not matter if the friends know each other or not. Make sense?)

5. You cannot use a character for yourself in the wallpaper. Only represent your friends in this! For example, if my sister wanted to do a wall of Axel (me) and Roxas (herself) it would not be allowed. Make sense?

6. You (obviously) MUST dedicate the wallpaper to the friend you made it for. If it's a user on theOtaku, dedicate it to them. And if it's a friend in real life, dedicate it to whomever you please, and just state in the description who you made the wall for.

7. State WHY the character reminds you of your friend. I wanna know what it is about that character that reminds you of your friend. Again, descriptions are important to me, and it's interesting to read things like that.

8. No blowing up a scan and calling it a wall.
That is NOT a wallpaper. You did no work on something like that. I hate seeing users who do things like that and try to call it art! So that is NOT ALLOWED!

9. Please credit EVERYTHING you possibly can! Art theft is a huge issue nowadays, and I think EVERYONE knows how much I hate it. I go on rants about it quite often o3o So just credit all of the sources you used for your wallpaper.

10. In the description, please provide THIS link. The more the news about Japan gets spread around, the better off they'll be, and they are in need right now!

11. Add XD to the tags!

12. Have fun! My biggest rule, of course, is to have fun! X33


(Please understand that the prizes may take a while to get done, as my life is VERY busy right now, and probably will be for quite some time. I will get them done, though! ^3^)

1st Place: 3 wallpapers of your choice, 1 surprise wallpaper, 2 eCards, and 9 gifts.

2nd Place: 1 wall of your choice, 1 surprise wallpaper, 1 eCard and 6 gifts.

3rd Place: 1 wall of your choice, 1 card and 3 gifts.

**Of course, everyone will receive shiny medals for their portfolios as well! ^3^**

--------And as one last little note, even if you don't WIN, there's still a chance you'll make runner-up! I always pick 3 runner-ups in my wallpaper challenges!

You have 1 month!
Enjoy!! <33~

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