winterlionheart Kuroshitsuji XD

Ok so as of lately Kuroshitsuji as become my favorite anime and I am very hooked to it XD I would like to make a wallpaper challnge where you make a kuorhistuji wallpaper.
Sounds simple enough, eh? Well there is one catch to it, I know Ciel and Sebtastian are the two most liked and the ones everyone makes a wall of. Well in this challnge I want to see a wall of anyone from Kuro besides those two. (it pians me to say that T.T)

1: I want the credit it needs, if you don't have a link then just give me some site names please (and if you really forgot then it's ok I know I don't useally have them anyways so ja...)

2: Don't forget NO Ciel or The hot demon also known as Sebastain

3: It needs to have some textures, brushes ect not just a image blown up to wall size. That's not a wall to me

4: Please dedicate it to me so I can see it when its made otherwise I miss them

5:No stealing other's work

6:Only inter with one account

7: and have fun

If you need to know anything else just as me!

you have one month

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Wicked ~ecnelisterger
Claude ~Morbid Dollie
.demon. ~beloved blood
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