SarahPatricia A new beginning

I will make this Contest on this day on purpose so that it will end almost new year

I recall that having the new year is a great opportunity for people to change.

So this contest is about a change in your art style. For example, this year, 2010, you've been making vector wallpapers. So for a change, you try photo manipulation. But, that's just an example though.


  • Keep it PG-13 :3
  • You must give a link to your old styled wallpapers in your description so that I can compare your old and new style.
  • Give credit where credit is due.
  • You must do it on your own. But, having tutorials won't hurt too.
  • No plagiarizing!
  • If you are using scans, and you want to keep it that way, try to make some visible changes. Like, enhancements.
  • Be creative.
  • Have fun.

    How I will judge____________________________________________________________________________
    Difference in style ------------------------------------------------- 20%
    How different your new style to your old one is.
    Creativity ---------------------------------------------------------- 20%
    How you went crazy with your wallpaper.
    Originality---------------------------------------------------------- 10%
    How original your work is.
    Beauty--------------------------------------------------------------- 20%
    How attractive it is.
    Clear---------------------------------------------------------------- 30%
    This is the most important one! A wallpaper does not need to have too much details. If a wallpaper is too cluttered, your shortcut icons on your desktop can't be easily seen. Which is, sometimes a bother. So, try to work out something. If you think people place their icons on the left side, make the right side have more details and the left side cleaner and vice versa
    This also means how you think a wallpaper should be.

    Another thing_________________________________________________________________________
    Put on your description how you made your wallpaper. Doesn't need to be too detailed, but needs to be clear how you did the wallpaper.
    Include also the programs you used.

    You can submit up to 3 submissions.

    All who enter will be given gifts for the new year :3

    Winners will also be given gifts + special something

    Good luck! and Have fun!

    I decided on what to give to the winners.

    all entries- world feature
    1st - wallpaper dedication, ecard, & a cookie
    2nd - ecard, & a cookie
    3rd - my first ever line art XD & a cookie!

    All those who entered, view [here] for your ratings!

  • Deadline
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    *~{Wings Light}~* ~Hanaro Souhi
    Love Song ~TiffYG2133
    Sweet Dreams ~rosel D
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