kitabug69 Magazine Cover?

*looks at title* Hmmm, kinda bland for what I am looking for here. However, it is just that. I want wallies that look like magazine covers. I don’t care what anime you use or what character you use, but I want it catchy.


  • It has to be clean. Think of yourself as a designer for a major magazine and you were picked to do the cover for this month. It has to look professional. After all, you want it to sell.
  • No over crowding. That means text as well as images.
  • You must have at least 3 to 4 highlights on the cover. (What is entailed in the magazine)
  • Your magazine must have a name. No major magazine names allowed. You have to make up the name yourself.
  • It must have a month or season along with the year. It can be this year or coming or even past year. As long as it has a year.
  • Your magazine can be funny, serious, or informative.
  • Sign your work.
  • No plagiarizing. It must be your own work.
  • Be sure to give credit where credit is do and explain your work and ideas.


Now, the magazine can cover whatever it is you wish it to cover. Fashion, fighting, dating, home decorating, how to take over the world. The sky is the limit.

You will be judged on:

  • How clean your work is.
  • How catchy the cover is. (creative)
  • How interesting your highlights are.


You can enter as many times as you wish, but the best one of all your entries will be picked and judged.

*smiles* You have two months to complete this challenge. Therefore, January 24 is the deadline. Have fun and good luck to everyone.



1st: A wallpaper of your choice and a gift.
2nd: A card of your choice and a gift.
3rd: A gift.

All entries will get the nifty little metal for taking part at the end of the challenge.

Good luck again to every one and have fun. If you have any questions feel free to PM me or ask in a comment.


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Bleach Mag Cover 2 ~twilight samurai
Hakuouki vol. 21 ~
TrendLine: Issue 2 ~rosel D
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