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    You're in the heat of battle. What's your move of choice?

    Solarbeam! Total pwnage! Who cares if it has to charge.
    Flamethrower. Pwnage that doesn't have to charge.
    Water gun. Plain and simple, with good accuracy!
    Razor leaf. It scores a lot of critical hits!
    Flame wheel. Okay, it sucks, but it looks spiffy! :D
    Bite. RAWR!
    Absorb. As the enemy drains HP, I gain HP. ^_^
    Peck. Birdies rock, yo.
    Mud slap. It lowers the opponent's accuracy.

    Your trainer sends you out of your Pokeball.

    OMG LYK HAI!!!
    I'll wave at him, maybe say hello. (Though, to them it sounds like my name.)
    I probably won't notice. So...sleepy...zzz......
    *happy dance*
    I'd run over and lick their hand.
    Flee! FLEE!
    *gasps* Is there a BATTLE? I MUST FIGHT!!!
    Yay! Let's play!

    Someone stole your cheese! :O

    I'd like that back, please. ;_ ;
    RAWR! *mauls*
    No big deal, I'll just sick 'em.
    Eh, it's just cheese. Go ahead and have it.
    I'd glare at the person and try to get it back, or just buy another.
    Oh, you want it? You can keep it. ^_^
    I'm cooler than you. Cheese is for cool people. Now HAND IT BACK!
    I'd just steal it back. :D

    What's most important to you?

    Friends and family.
    Lotsa stuff! ^_^
    My most prized possessions.
    Everyone except my enemies.
    Just having fun. :D
    Food... *drools*

    What's your personality?

    (choose at least 1 and at most 3 answers)
    Hyper and funny.
    Kind and caring.
    Sweet, yet sassy.
    A little careless, I suppose.
    I'm pretty laid-back, but protective.
    Calm and cool. Ya know?
    I'm a little hasty but I like to have fun.
    I'm a bit shy and cautious.
    Fiery and active! And a bit of a trouble-maker.

    I am an alien.

    Whoamg. o.o
    Eww. You're ugly. (Me: >:O Didn't your mommy teach you your manners?)
    And I should care why...?
    Where do you come from? o.o
    Oh. Er...hi?
    GAH! *runs*
    Oh, cool!

    Have you ever lied to your parents? Be honest.

    Nope! *sweatdrop*

    This is the last question.

    Okay. Do you have any food?
    Yay! Now I can get off this stinkin' computer and go play.
    That isn't a question. -_-
    Aww, this was fun. You're nice! (Me: Why, thank you! ^_^)
    I'm going to go take another quiz once this is done.
    OKIES LYK BAI!!!!!!! LOL!
    Okay! *falls asleep*
    And it's about time, too.

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