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    If your best friend was being bullied/attacked in front of you, how would you react?

    Even though I know I wouldn't stand a chance against the bullies, I would still rush in to help defend my friend whether I got hurt or not.
    I would probably cheer them on from the sidelines and try to find some amusement in the situation. I just hope they can defend themselves so I don't have to injure the bullies a little too much if I had to join.
    I would try to figure out why they were being bullied, and then assist them calmly by facing the bullies without resorting to violence.
    I would think of a way to either protect or save them without throwing myself into the brawl.
    I would immediately beat the crap out of the bullies without taking any time to think about it.
    Unless they were in a severely bad state, I would not help them. Otherwise, I'd find a way to distract the bullies without having to show myself and avoid unnecessary bloodshed.

    Without simply choosing your favorite color, which do you think *represents* you the most?


    If the person of your dreams suddenly confessed their undying love for you, what would you do?

    In order to protect them, even though I may return their feelings, I would apologize and say that I do not feel the same way in a nice manner.
    I would be incredibly thrilled and immediately tell them how happy I am and that I feel the same, and that we should date.
    I would simply wonder why in the heck they would love me and just leave it at that.
    I would be a bit shocked and then in a rather flustered manner ask them if they are serious. If they are, I will admit to my own feelings.
    Since love affairs don't affect me a great amount, I would still accept their confession and suggest we see each other more.
    I don't understand love so much, so I guess I'd ask for a date or two before feeling awkward about everything and ending it bluntly.

    If you had never heard of the series Death Note, and a Death Note notebook fell into your hands, would you test it out?

    After being in disbelief and then testing it to see if it's true, I would continue to eliminate bad people.
    I might test it out at first on a couple of bad people, but then common sense would tell me to stop and burn the notebook.
    Absolutely not. After reading the rules, whether it is a prank or real, I would not endanger the lives of others.

    How is your sense of humor?

    I hate being serious, so I try to lighten the mood whenever I can, whether it works or not.
    It's okay, I'll joke around every once in awhile, but I know when to be serious.
    Poor, I prefer things to be taken seriously.

    How would you react if you suddenly saw a Death God (Shinigami)?

    Since I've always believed they never existed, seeing one would cause me to be shocked for a while before adjusting to it.
    I would not be surprised at all.
    I would be quite surprised at first, but eventually realize it's all right as long as I can maintain good terms with them.
    I wouldn't be surprised, and would try to befriend them as soon as possible.
    Out of fear, I would defend myself by attacking it with a weapon of some sort if I could.

    How would you describe your childhood?

    Feh, I got into a lot of trouble, but I had a couple of close friends that always stuck with me no matter what.
    Uneventful, nothing ever seemed to change, as I grew older.
    Lonely, and painful. But I don't let it bother me at all.
    Great, I had a lot of friends and support. There's no point brooding over anything about it.
    It was nothing unusual. I was a bit antisocial, but fairly content with things.

    What kind of music do you really find appealing?

    Metal/Hard rock/Screamo
    Alternative rock
    Indie/Light rock
    Other, or just not too picky.

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