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    What appeals to you the most?

    Candy, sweets, bunnies!
    A certain sexy guy! I love to glomp him!
    Power and strength.
    Being with friends, hanging out! Doing fun things!
    Learning new things. Reading and doing research.
    Being invincible and undefeated.
    Darts and crossbows.
    Not showing my true emotions.

    Super powers?

    I can transform into an animal!
    I'm a computer genius and have great accuracy and aim.
    Why yes, I have telekinetic abilities and can even float in the air or teleport as I please.
    I have special genes that allows me to turn into a more "adult" looking person.
    Of course, my super power is a creature inside of me!
    I have mad sword skills and incredible speed unmatched by anyone.
    I can seal and summon!
    Telekinesis, and I know how to use it.
    Yes, it's in my special bloodline. Don't mess with me.
    I'm a genius with great intelligence.

    What is important to you?

    My friends of course!
    Finding the love of my life, I just want to be with her.
    To help our group succeed in crushing criminal scum.
    To serve my master.
    To gain more strength and kill a certain person.
    To help and protect my friends and family!
    My younger brother! He's the only family I have left!
    Keeping everything in check and to be there for those who need me.
    For everything to be peaceful and in order.

    Do you look your age?

    Actually I was born on a leap year... so not really.
    People have mistaken my age a lot. I'm actually in high school, but I look like I�m in middle school!
    I am much shorter than I should be for my age.
    I look like my age and with act like it with spunk!
    I may look more mature for my age.
    I may look young but I have the memories of a past life.
    Perhaps a little younger looking.
    I can pretend to be in elementary school if I wanted when I'm really older. ^_^
    I look and act like my age. ^_^
    Everything seems like the way it should be. *smiles*

    What colors appeal to you the most?

    Anything that is appealing really! I like variety!
    Blues and blacks.
    White and greys.
    Bright colors like orange or yellow!
    Natural warm tones.
    Any color is nice! but I prefer lighter tones.
    Black and white.
    Pastel colors!
    Gold's, reds and solid colors.
    Blues and purples.

    Your friend is in danger, how would you react or handle this situation?

    "Dammnit, not again. That loser is always getting into trouble!"
    "Omg, my friend is in danger!? That's not good! I have to help them!"
    Do research and planning before taking action to save them.
    Help them right away! *charges into action*
    I don't have friends, only colleagues and my master.
    "Oh no! I'm coming to save you! Just sit tight!"
    "Omg, omg, that's terrible! Are they alright?! I have to do something!"
    "I don't have many friends, but I will save the person most important to me at all costs."
    "Not good! I have to use my mad hacking skills and targeting equipment for this one!"

    What was your past like?

    It was horrible... Just horrible... I'm now an orphan with only my sibling with me. *breaks into tears*
    My past was a mystery, but I found out I was kidnapped and betrayed by my father! But I was saved and taken in by a kind person.
    You don't want to know about my past... *glares*
    All I can say is I will get my revenge on them for treating me so cruelly... curse society.
    There was so much pain and suffering I had to endure... But it was all for the person most important to me, I would never go against their words.
    I have been used and put through abuse and hard work, but I managed... I endured the pain with a smile.
    My past was quite fulfilling, I have become very knowledgeable and learned many things since I was a child.
    I had painful memories, but I want to live on carrying each of them with me, because one day I hope to be stronger so they won't hurt me anymore.
    I was alone.
    My past was not the greatest, but I have learned to accept it as I grew up.

    What do you feel about love?

    Hehe, it must nice. ^_^
    Love? *blushes a little* I haven't thought about it much.
    I don't really know much about it but it must be nice, right?
    Love can be painful and beautiful at the same time.
    I don't have time for such a thing.
    Hn... Love... *smiles*
    Love... It's when two people are attracted to each other and fall deeply in love?
    Ahh, love, I definately have someone in mind. ^_^


    *blinks* Pardon?
    Chicken? Who are you calling a chicken?! Not me!
    Yes, a very interesting bird indeed that cannot sustain flight in the air.
    That is not related to this is it?
    *gives you a strange look in silence*
    Chicken... hmm, I would like that for tonight's dinner!
    Chicken? I don't know if I'm good at cooking it but...
    They're good to eat. ^_^
    Would you like me kill one for you?

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