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PastelNeko Kazamas-Keyblade

    Are you prideful in your background?

    Not really, I'm more about the present.
    My pride is everything I am and more.
    Sure! I like where I come from enough to have some pride in it.
    I feel ashamed of where I came from, and I plan to spite everyone who raised me.

    How do you feel about competeing with others?

    Competing with others is the funnest part!
    When people start becoming competetive, I can't really keep up.
    I like watching the competition more than I like being a part of it.
    Tch! It's only a competition if I have a chance of losing.
    Wait, we're competing?

    Would you forgive an enemy?

    Sure! They won't hurt anybody again as long as I'm here.
    Um. >.> If I have to? I guess if somebody else takes care of them later.
    No. They have to earn their forgiveness, it isn't owed to them.
    Only if the circumstances require us to team up. After that we're DONE.

    How good are you under pressure?! >:D KA...ME...HA...ME....

    I do well enough under pressure, it's unavoidable, after all.
    I thrive under pressure, bring it on!
    When the going gets tough, the tough get going! Later!

    Someone wants to be your rival.

    Why would anybody ask me to be their rival?
    Ok! Survive this first. -EXPLODES THEM-
    Sure! The more the merrier!
    Being my rival implies that we are on an equal level. GOOD LUCK.
    Not really into the whole rival thing.

    What do you look for in allies?

    (choose at least 1 and at most 3 answers)
    Good sense of humor!
    Reliable and hard-working.
    Dumb as bricks, but genuinely kind. Like a golden retreiver.
    Smart enough to get me outta situations I put myself in.
    A real freak. A total weirdo.

    When you beat someone in a fight, how do you respond?

    Let's do that again sometime!
    I survived? Cool!
    Is that all they could do? Disappointing.
    I learned from this battle, it'll make the next ones easier.
    YEAH! FIRST TRY! *this was not the first try and i got my butt kicked several times*

    Wait- do you even like fighting?

    No. It's above me.
    No, because it makes me feel bad.
    I only like fighting if we're training or having fun. I don't like actually being in danger.
    Yeah! I do like fighting!
    I was born to fight and overcome countless struggles.

    What would you wish for if you collected all the Dragon Balls?

    Enough money to live comfortably and share with my friends!
    Complete knowledge on any subject I want!
    As much food as I could ever want!
    No thanks. I don't think Shenron could give me anything I don't already have.
    I can't really think of a wish I would want..

    Someone powerful shows up and wants to destroy the world, what're you gonna do about it?

    Not my problem. *loud milkshake slurping*
    I caused this problem. You're WELCOME for the challenge.
    I have to try and stop them, don't I!?
    I'll do my best to support from the sidelines!
    Look, somebody tries to destroy the world every other week. I think we'll be fine.

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