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    What Do You Think About Friends?

    They Mean The World To Me!
    Pffft. Friends I Dunno...
    Friends Are All I Need.
    Well... Maybe I Have Friends...
    Friends! As If.

    What Comes To Mind When You Hear The Word Homework?

    (choose at least 1 and at most 3 answers)
    Oh God Nooooo!
    Eh, Whatever.
    Easy Peasy.
    Homework Is Boringgg!
    HOMEWORK?No Wayyy!

    If A Stanger Came Up And Asked You Can You Help Me What Would You Do?

    (choose at least 1 and at most 3 answers)
    Help The Person In A Heartbeat.
    I dunno...
    Sorry, I Dont Know You. I Cant Help You.
    Yes I Will Help You No Problem!
    I Guess I'll Help You...

    Are You Passionate About Dueling?

    Yes! I Would Duel Anyone!
    Im Passionate Alright. I Can Beat Anyone Who Crosses My Path. Pfffttt.
    Wellll, Yeah I Guess...
    Dueling Gives Me Strength!
    I Can Beat Anyone! Even The King Of Games!

    When You Duel How Do You Win?

    With Luck.
    With My Head.
    With The Heart Of The Cards!

    If You Had One Wish What Would You Wish For?

    To Be The Next King Of Games!
    To Be The Best Duelist.
    To Have All The Girls/Boys Fall For Me!

    What Color Clothes Do You Like?

    Black, Maybe A Little Purple.
    Bright Colors!

    What Is Your Biggest Goal In Life?

    To Be The Most Powerful!
    To Be The Next King Of Games!
    To Find The Love Of My Life!
    To Achieve My Dreams
    To Always Be There For My Friends.

    You Lost A Duel Against Your Rival. How Would You React?

    (choose at least 1 and at most 3 answers)
    By Saying, "Hey That Was A Great Duel, I Cant Wait Until We Duel Again!
    By Saying, "Nooo How Could This Be? How Could I Lose?
    By Falling On Your Knees.
    By Saying, Thank You For The Exciting Duel!
    By Saying "Good Job This Was Fun We Should Duel Again Sometime.

    Would You Rather Be Rich But Not Have Friends, Or Be Poor With Many Friends?

    Be Rich With No Friends.
    Poor With Many Friends.

    What Do You Fear The Most?

    Losing My Friends.
    Losing My Money.
    Being/Feeling Weak.

    Would You Do Anything For Your Friends.

    Yes I Would Risk Anything For Them!
    I Dunno... Probably Not.
    I Would Anything To See Them Smile!

    How Do You Feel About Alexis Rhodes?

    I Love Her So Much!
    I Feel Like... Shes Such A Great Friend!

    Would You Risk Everything To Save One Friend?

    No Way.
    Depends On The Friend.

    What Is One Word You Would Use To Decribe Yourself?


    What Gives You Hope?

    My Friends!
    The One I Love.
    Alexis Rhodes!

    Did You Enjoy This?

    It Was Alright.
    Pretty Cool
    Loved It!

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