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    Where do you believe you’ll be aligned—dark, neutral, or hero?

    I do what I have to for my survival. If that means getting my paws dirty, so be it.
    Somewhere in the middle...I’m honestly not sure how to answer that, to be honest
    Even angels gotta whip out their halos and beat a mofo sometimes
    I'm a perfect saint. A little hero chao. What’s a few stolen cookies gonna do to me soul, eh?
    Tch, yeah, I’m probably going to Hell along with all my pals.
    Probably a dark chao. I've done some baaaad things.
    Are you kidding me right now? I’m the fluffing spawn of Iblis!
    I'd like to think that I behave myself, but my caregivers may say otherwise.
    Sinners don’t prosper. It’s best to live a wholesome life while you can.
    Wait, hold up, that afterlife b.s. actually MATTERS? Oh gosh, I’m so dead.

    Who would you want as your buddy/caretaker?

    A determined leader that I can look up to, and will support my endeavors, even if they’re not exactly stoic
    A bookworm that is not afraid of getting their hands dirty when need be, who will teach me how to be brave
    A quiet kid who dreams of becoming a great person one day, who I can help get to their full potential
    A rebel with a dirty mind and equally dirty mouth, but has a heart of gold when you come down to it
    A really smart person who can teach me about the world…and how to destroy it. Wouldn’t mind the occasional head-pat though
    A loner like me, who just wants a friend, and love, and a bazillion bucks…or maybe just food. Food works in any case
    A perky child that isn’t afraid of using their charms to get what they want, who I can easily charm as well
    A mama/papa-bear type whom I can trust to protect me…and embarrass me with flashbacks to our youth
    A casual person who may seem off his rocker—and I mean REALLY off it—at times, but always has their friends’ backs
    A person that keeps to themselves, that accepts me despite my shortcomings and will always have my back

    What are the worst pet peeves out of all of these?

    (choose at least 1 and at most 3 answers)
    Chao just assuming I have all these monies/resources to lend out—and that I’m willing. I am a chao, not Bank of Mercia.
    When other chao misspell my name. I don’t get it—even when it’s written out for them they still manage to fluff it up!
    My biggest problem is when chao openly attack my lifestyle. They should just live their lives and I’ll live mine!
    All these chao asking me “when are you going to get married/have kids/get a decent job/be productive” Fluff them.
    Every time someone asks me “How’s the weather up/down there?” I want to smash their faces in.
    Chao who think I don’t hear them talking smack about me. I will find out, and I WILL slap a bitch.
    Chao who purposely pass gas, like pushing it out either end. It’s like, dear sweet Aurora, you are going to puke/poop all over!
    Chao who don’t make an effort to show up on time or tell me if they cancel. If they don’t prioritize me, I won’t do so for them.
    My peers/family playing cupid for me or trying to tell people I like them. You’re not cupid, so don’t be stupid.
    Stupid jokes, especially if you tell a LOT of them. And if you like discriminatory jokes, just dismiss yourself NOW.

    Same question, new answers.

    (choose at least 1 and at most 3 answers)
    “Hey, hey dude, are you asleep?” You know damn well I’m trying to sleep, so just out with it.
    There are these noises that certain objects make that just irritate the fluff outta me. Worst part is, not all chao notice them.
    Traffic obstructions of any kind—pedestrian or vehicular—just peeve me off.
    Chao who lie a lot, and lie about stupid things. It’s like I get that you’re ashamed, but at least be up-front, dawg!
    People purposely singing songs loudly and obnoxiously. Now these songs are earworms AND migraine triggers.
    Chao who expect me to be all nice and proper 24/7. I’m a living, breathing chao not a porcelain doll.
    I’m not clingy/reclusive, but other chao always make me out to be. Like, sorry my social needs are SUCH a burden on you!
    “I’m not touching you. I’m not touching you. I’m not touching you. Etc.” Honestly…just why?
    Telemarketers and scam artists, man. They’re everywhere and I really don’t find them necessary.
    Chao saying I’m incapable of doing something. Well, I KNOW I’m capable of slapping a bitch.

    What is your special ability?

    Go wit da flo. Just keep swimming...
    I'm going places wit speeeeeeeeed!
    Lookit these fabu legs! I can run and swim like the big guys!
    I like to stay fit by boxing and swimming.
    What ability? I'm a lazy, good for nothing little marshmallow.
    I fly and punch stuff. Lol, I'm like Knuckles!
    I can't really sit still. I run and fly off the walls.
    I've got ambition. A high-flying ace.
    I is SUPER strong. Boom-boom-powaaa!
    I have no fluffing clue what I wanna specialize in, but so far, I’m a jack of all trades.

    What is your personality like?

    I really don’t like asking for help or having you in my business, so butt out. I’ve got this.
    I’m a prankster to the max. I’m always cracking a joke. It gets too boring otherwise.
    I am a perfectionist. I tend to get a little bossy, but only cuz I know best! People might call me ambitious…or a dragon.
    I love helping others out…especially if I get a snack at the end! I’ve got big ideas, but maybe not the energy to initiate them.
    I am very curious, anxious, and I never shut up, but it’s only cuz I wanna learn from you.
    I am the designated weirdo. I don’t really know how to make friends, but I try.
    I’m the spawn of Iblis. You cross me and I’ll feed you to the Devil chao. Otherwise I’m perfectly pleasant.
    I’m nice to a fault. I ask if you wanna be friends, next thing you know I’m doing your homework.
    I’m very wise for my age. The other chao tend to come to me for advice. Not that I always have an answer.
    I’m a total klutz/hot mess. Other chao kinda pity me. On the plus though, I can keep a secret.

    If you could own your own pet, what would it be?

    I want a dog, a big one that can protect me and the house.
    Ooh, ooh! I wanna get a monkey! Monkeys are fun!
    I don’t need a pet. I’d rather be pampered myself.
    A snake. They’re only scary if you’re bad to them. Or if they’re hungry, and you smell like pork rinds.
    A guinea pig/mouse, for obvious reasons.
    I want a chinchilla. Nobody else can say they got a chinchilla for a pal, right?
    A frog. It’ll keep away pests—bugs and squeamish chao alike.
    Bunnies. I’ll never get lonely with a bunny.
    I think I’m best off with a cat. They know how to entertain themselves.
    A fishy. I’m not good with other pets.

    What is your opinion of other chao?

    They’re so worrisome! How am I supposed to look after myself when they’re so emotional and fragile?
    They’re so funny, especially when they’re scared.
    They are just fine when they aren’t in my way which is…always.
    They’re all so unique! I want to meet them all…after a nap of course.
    They kinda freak me out a little…
    I wouldn’t know. They don’t let me get very close to them.
    They’re a pest that must be eliminated.
    They’re so fuzzy and warm and they smell good…eh, sorry…
    They are pretty much overgrown babies—it takes a village to raise them.
    They are usually very helpful to eachother, and to me when I’m in a jam.

    Are you any good at lying/bluffing?

    I’ll say what I gotta to keep the peace, but that’s about it.
    A few fibs ain’t gonna hurt nobody.
    Gambling, yes. Standard fibs, no.
    I’m getting better at it. I even have people coaching me through it
    People keep accusing me of lying, but I don’t!
    Yea, actually. Sometimes it’s scary how gullible chao are.
    Depends on to whom I’m speaking and about what.
    Why would I lie? They will only find out in the end and be all the more peeved off.
    Pfft, dude, WINDEX is shadier than me. I can’t even lie to myself without cringing or cracking up.

    What are your dreams for the future?

    For my family and friends to stay safe. What? Sorry that my goals aren’t that interesting!
    I fit in somewhere. Somebody has a use for me, I just know it!
    I’m going to become famous for breaking some record or winning some huge event.
    I’m headed to the top of the food chain baby! CEO of Cheesecake Factory, here I come!
    There is a certain cause I’m going to work towards, maybe curing a disease or condition?
    I want to develop a crazy bucket list so my friends are either inspired to top it or to come along.
    I really don’t have any ambitions right now. Can I just lay here and just forget the world?
    One day, I wanna have a really big family…and hopefully we can all take care of eachother.
    To be able to teach others all I know about the world.
    I’ll win some huge contest/sporting event. It’s mostly for my OWN sense of accomplishment though.

    Do you have a crush on anyone?

    Nyaaaa! None of your business! O_o
    No, but I might be available ;3
    Too many to count… @_@
    Maybe :D
    Yea, but they’re WAY outta my league -___-;
    Yea, I guess I do. ^///^
    Eeeeeeew! XP
    Yes, and they’re fluffing GORGEOUS! *v*
    I’m a strong independent chao who don’t need no [wo]man! ^~^
    Not except for in video games

    A mean old chao is bullying you. Your response?

    (choose at least 1 and at most 3 answers)
    Beat ‘em up good! Make ‘em pay for dishonoring you.
    Become friends with them and show them that they don’t need to be a bully.
    Just cry. The big people will deal with those bullies for me.
    Tell a big person what happened. Not a thug…I mean a teacher or a caregiver.
    Like heeeeeeeell I’m dealing with a bully. Imma just nope the fluff outta there and hide under my bed.
    Tell them you’re not afraid of them. Stand your ground, no matter what.
    Get even! Sneak a Spicy Fruit into their meal and watch them suffer.
    Travel in a herd from now on, so they don’t catch me alone. And if they wanna fight, I’ve got my crew behind me.
    Host an intervention to see why they’re bullying others.
    I just rant on the internet about them. My gajillion followers will put them in their place!

    How do you feel about having some hatchlings in the future?

    I dunno, a hatchling is a LOT of responsibility. Maybe I’ll focus on raising just one and see where THAT takes me.
    Heck yea! Hatchlings are very easily amused and their laughter just makes you feel fuzzy all over.
    Yes, my chaodren shall be fabulous like their parents. I’ll raise them to be stars, as every parent should!
    *snerk* I’m a baby among babies. Do you REALLY think I need a hatchling in my life?
    Erm, I’m a little young to be thinking about that, don’cha think?
    Gross! Babies are dumb and drooly. I don’t need that in my life.
    Not only are they loud but they are so intransigent that I swear they are the reason Aurora gave us strait jackets.
    Sure, I want babies one day. Babies are adorabubble!
    If I have a loving mate/family/friend group to back me up, then sure.
    I’m a little scared to be a parent. What if I drop a fruit on their head or something?

    How do you best show other chao that you love them?

    By buying/making presents for them of course. A gift from the heart is the best!
    By spending time with them and listening to them. Nothing is more important than being there
    By doing them favors. Even if they wouldn’t do the same for me, we ALL need a little help.
    By complimenting them. A few words can go a long way to make their day.
    By hugging and kissing them. Love is both physical AND spiritual after all. They will feel my love!

    What's your favorite holiday out of these?

    Easter! The Easter bunny comes and delivers chocolate and baby bunnies/chickies to us.
    Summer vacation! Who needs a single holiday when who can slack off for three whole months?!
    St. Patricks Day! I can get as knackered as I want, and pinch my buddies just to fluff with 'em.
    Christmas! It’s a whole day of presents and family. And FOOOOOD!
    Independence Day! I like all the fireworks to celebrate my country being free to be itself.
    New Years! I get to stay up WAAAAY past my bedtime and PAR-TAY!
    Halloween! The costumes, the decorations, the smut, the gore, the CANDY!
    Mother’s/Father’s Day! Who can forget the big people that hatched and raised me? I wuv yoooz!
    Earth Day! The day when everyone stops being bumholes and cleans up after themselves…
    Valentine’s Day! Everyone’s all cuddly and lovey-dovey. I wuv it!

    Do you have a lot of friends?

    I prefer making friends with the animals. They are more/less complex than other chao.
    I need a friend who can keep up with my brilliant mind. So far there is none. C’est la vie.
    I’m the only friend I need. As long as I keep myself happy, that’s what matters.
    Meh, I’ve got my besties. They’re the best I’ve got in this world and they’re all I need.
    I’d LOVE to be able to make friends, but see there’s this thing called “social anxiety” …
    I wanna be friends, but I don’t think anyone likes me. But whatever. I’m fine the way I am.
    No, like I said before, I don’t even like other chao!
    Sure, I’ve got friends everywhere! Big friends, small friends, monochrome friends, rainbow friends…
    I have a close circle and that’s enough. Not everyone needs to know my biz.
    Dude, I’m a social butterfly, er, chao. Who ISN’T my friend? Oh, you mean ones OUTSIDE of social media? Well…

    Favorite type of food?

    I kinda live off of ramen and soda pop and other cheap stuff. Shameful I know, but I don’t have money to spare…
    Is it weird that I don’t like food all that much? No, for real…food is gross; don’t judge me!
    I’m a health nut. Other chao make fun of me for having soy and kale all the time, but it’s worth it for a healthy bod.
    Unless it’s well-prepared and includes all the food groups, I won’t touch it! Only the finest for my tum-tum.
    Believe it or not, I’m actually partial to produce. It’s fresh, it’s healthy, it’s (usually) portable, so why the fluff not?
    MEAT! Bring on the beef! Hell, I’ll even eat venison if that’s what you’ve got. If it was killed and cooked, Imma eat that.
    Major sweet tooth right here. Anything with exorbitant amounts of sugar/sweetener, I will devour.
    Major sweet tooth right here. Anything with exorbitant amounts of sugar/sweetener, I will devour.
    I like plain foods the most, like dairy and grains. It may not be adventurous, but it’s mostly wholesome…mostly.
    You could probably guess from looking at me, but I am a fast food freak. I’m not gonna keel over though, chill!

    Are you ready, little chaodren?

    Yeah, yeah, just get on with it!
    Woo! Results time, rubba-ducka!
    Well, don’t keep me waiting, darling!
    Just gimme five more minutes…zzz…
    I change my mind! I don’t wanna go no more.
    Okay, hit me with your best shot.
    Uwaaah! Is it over already?
    As I’ll ever be.
    Let the final boss battle BEGIN!

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