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    First, I have to ask you; Which element do you feel suits you the best?


    Do you believe the result of this quiz will be the same as your chosen element?

    We will just have to see, won't we?
    I fully believe in my choice.
    This quiz is just for fun. I know what I'm about!
    I stand by my choice, regardless of the outcome.
    I chose what I felt, and will continue to do so. But time may prove my result, like my feelings, may change.
    It might be. Often we do not know ourselves as well as we think we do.
    Without a doubt, I am what I say.
    Who the heck knows! If you were going to ask me what my element was, what was the point of making a quiz?
    I am unpredictable, like my chosen element. In that sense I stand by my decision.
    I absolutely believe in my decision. You could change the questions, but no matter what my choice will ring true.


    You seem to think you know better. I just want to see where my choices will take me.
    Because, like many things, I know myself better than anyone.
    I already said it; I know what I'm about!
    I guess I'm just stubborn.
    We grow and evolve constantly. No one is the same as they were, no matter how short the time is inbetween.
    Does it really matter? I cannot explain what you cannot understand.
    Because I see myself, and everything around me, with absolute clarity.
    Why? You can't answer my question with another question! That doesn't even make sense!
    ... You're trying to trick me, but I'm not sure how.
    I know myself, and I am true to myself.

    Interesting... Are you worried that your answers thus far have changed the outcome of your element?

    Are you listening to me at all? No!
    It might have, but I don't think that matters. You can't change my mind.
    I wouldn't be surprised, if it has. But that is why I chose my element to begin with.
    I suppose to you the answer is a simple yes or no. But life is never simple, and neither is my answer.
    My choice is absolute. A reflection of who I am. To fear is to doubt, and I do not doubt.
    Who knows! Who the heck knows!
    Well I didn't think so... but now I'm not so sure.
    Don't think so, but I'm totally fine if it did.

    Will you try to manipulate this quiz to get your desired answer? Be honest.

    Nah. There's no fun in it that way.
    Absolutely not. I trust in myself.
    Uh, no way! I don't need to try an trick your quiz!
    Nope. Don't need to.
    I could try, but then I wouldn't be true to myself, so what would be the point?
    If you were to ask someone, they say that I would, and under the right circumstances I just might. But I have a counter question; even if I did, how would you know?
    I choose my answers around the path I create. A clear path. A righteous path. I cannot manipulate my own truth.
    This quiz is trying to manipulate everyone else into picking the wrong answers, so what does it matter if I do or not?
    To use an element is to manipulate it, my friend. Honesty has little to do with it.
    You're kidding, right? Haha... Oh... You were serious?... Well I guess not. I mean, I'm not trying to.

    Pick a set of words that best describe you.

    Relaxed, indecisive, fun
    Steady, strong, constant
    Powerful, passionate, unforgiving
    Durable, stubborn, honest
    Wise, strong, alive
    Misunderstood, mysterious, calm
    Bright, honest, perceptive
    Loud, wild, awesome
    Charming, dazzling, unpredictable
    Diverse, open-minded, relateable

    Pick a stone.

    Lapis Lazuli
    White Opal

    Before you is a table. On this table are several items. Pick the one most suited to your personality.

    The simple paper fan to cool yourself with.
    The scroll with and intricate and unbroken seal, that promises hidden knowledge.
    The ancient bracelet with a fantastic gem that burns with a bright, passionate light.
    The mysterious tunic, simple but durable.
    The knotted wooden staff, sure to have passed through the hands of many wise men and women over the centuries.
    The mysterious black bag that no one is sure what it does.
    A gleaming sword that sings with each sweep of it's blade.
    The endless sack of crackling fireworks that are fun to throw at people's feet.
    A well kept, but ancient book, used by only the greatest masters of magic.
    The silver music box that plays a gentile melody.

    You have just faced a humiliating defeat. How are you feeling?

    A little upset, but I can get over it.
    I am very upset, but I have learned from my experience.
    I'm furious! That's not going to happen again!
    It stings my pride, but I'll live. It's alright to lose sometimes.
    It's hard to accept, but I will recover and eventually outgrow my loss.
    We all fail at times. It is best to take it in, but not to dwell on it, and use the experience to our advantage next time.
    The loss is crippling. I know that I cannot control the outcome of everything, but I still struggle with it.
    Humiliating? Well, next time around they'll be the one's humiliated!
    It's a setback, but that is to be expected when you play everything by ear.
    I'm down about it and I don't have a problem letting anyone know about it. Give me some time. I'll be okay.

    How do you process those feelings?

    I shrug it off and spend my time doing something I enjoy. No big deal.
    I move on. I loss is a loss. The best thing to do is to train and prepare so that it doesn't happen again.
    I'm letting of steam by punching a dummy and putting everything I have towards my next fight.
    I'll just take a seat and meditate a bit.
    I take time for myself. Go for a walk to clear my head. Maybe nap beneath a tree.
    I keep my failure as a constant reminder without allowing it to cloud my self confidence.
    My resolve can't be destroyed by one petty loss. I prepare by gathering everything I need. I will not lose again, at any cost!
    You're still on about that? Pfft-- I'm already over it. They just better watch out next time.
    I've rested and restored my energies with some good food, reading, and meditation.
    I listen to some music. Relax. Maybe shower, if I think it'll help.

    Pick a color.

    A cool grey that isn't too bright or too dark.
    Deep blue.
    Bright red!
    Chocolaty brown.
    Rich green.
    Soothing black.
    Brilliant white!
    I can't pick! I choose every color!
    Relaxing purple.

    You have the option to spare or destroy your worst enemy. What do you?

    I'm not really sure. It depends on what they've done, and how I feel at the time.
    It may not be in my best interest, but they can learn from my choice. I spare them.
    I'll crush them, plain and simple. They're my enemy!
    I don't condone what they've done, but I my heart knows that sparing them is the right thing to do.
    Life is a precious thing. I will spare them.
    The question is what is to be gained from my decision? How will it effect me and those around me?
    They are my enemy. I think the right choice is obvious. I destroy them.
    Geez... This is a serious question. I don't really know. I don't want to let them create more problems, but who says it's my right to end someone's life?
    I will spare them, but I will not let them go freely. Imprisonment is the best solution.
    I chose to end them, but I will speak of the good they have done, if any, and treat their memory with respect.

    Congratulations! You have achieve a great victory! How does that make you feel?

    I feel gratified to know my training has paid off.
    I feel like letting out a big victory roar!
    It makes me feel more confident in myself and that my way is the right way.
    It makes me feel exhilarated and alive.
    I feel good, but I won't let it go to my head.
    I feel good, but it was an expected outcome. I naturally excel in many things.
    I feel like throwing a party!
    It makes me feel great. I wasn't sure if I could pull it off.
    I feel like singing!

    And how will you process these feelings this time?

    Take a well earned vacation, where I can sleep and do whatever I want.
    I celebrate, but not for long. My success was a result of my training and so I need to start as soon as I can.
    I'm off to go find some fun and stir up trouble.
    I'll spend some time taking a well earned nap.
    I'm going to spend the day with my friends, treating them to anything they want. I'm not the only one who should enjoy my success.
    I don't really celebrate, but I will allow myself to feel good and indulge in a book, or maybe go for a walk.
    I relive my victory with my friends by telling them about it over dinner and drinks.
    I'll invite some friends over to hang. We'll all chip in on pizza, play some games, and catch up.
    I'm blasting my music, singing at the op of my lungs, and dancing! It feels good to win and I'm not afraid to show it!

    Thank you for your patience. I hope you've enjoyed your time with this quiz. Before we finish, I have one final question; Are you still sure about your first answer?

    This has been fun, but I don't really know. I'm just waiting to see where the chips have landed.
    Yes. My answer remains the same!
    If I have to repeat myself one more time I'm going to lose my temper! I know what I'm about!
    Well, it doesn't matter. I chose my element and that is what it will be, regardless of your results.
    Well, if my choice is truly my element, then yes. But we are ever changing.
    Nothing is ever certain. I accept that. Why can't you?
    I know my choice was correct.
    Seriously? We're back to this? Wow! *caps hands* Just wow!
    This questions was important wasn't it? I knew you were trying to trick me!
    Ha! I was wondering when we were going to come back to this... Yeah. I'm sure.

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