Llewyn Which Touhou Boss (Embodiment Of Scarlet Devil) Are You?

    What species are you?

    Magician (witch)

    How young are you?

    500 years old ( and I'm still young).
    5 years younger than 500.
    100 years young/old.
    In my late teens and early twenties.
    Secret. :3
    They say I'm 60's but I am still a child.

    Where do you stay?

    Scarlet Devil Mansion
    Misty Lake near the Mansion
    I don't where this place is...

    What do you do there?

    I'm a librarian.
    An Assistant of the Librarian (I guess).
    Owner of course!
    Sister of the Owner.
    I am the Chief Maid.
    The Gatekeeper, and I do my job well ~
    Should I really tell you? Next time ~

    How do they call you?

    Youkai of the Darkness
    Greater Fairy
    Ice Fairy
    Chinese Girl
    Little Devil
    The Girl of Knowledge and Shadow
    The Maid of the Mansion
    The Eternally Young Scarlet Moon
    Sister of the Devil

    What is your ability?

    Manipulation of Darkness
    Manipulation of Coldness
    Mastery of Tai Chi Chuan
    Elemental, Sun and Moon Magic
    Manipulation of Fate
    Destruction ~
    You'll know when you fight me.
    Manipulation of Time
    Not yet discovered
    Throwing things

    What is in you that lets them recognize who you are?

    Colorful Crystal wings
    Bat wings even in my human form
    Knives and Maid dress
    Darkness around me
    Golden wings
    Icicle-shaped wings
    I'm the only Chinese.

    Are you related to the mist that hangs around Gensokyo?

    Yes ~
    No !

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