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    Hey there fellow fighter! This is my first quiz so I'm pretty excited! Are you?

    Hi! Your first quiz mate? Well alrighty then! Let's see how well you do!
    *nods head and glances to the left* Just get this over and done with...
    Heh. I'm going to destroy this quiz. Bring it on!
    Hey! Yes, I'm pretty excited to see what this quiz has in store for me.
    *stays silent for a moment then folds arms* Not excited. Just interested.

    Alrighty! So lets get on with it shall we? What is your weapon of choice?

    (choose at least 1 and at most 2 answers)
    Two handed sword
    Dual swords
    Concealed knife
    Brass knuckles

    Interesting choice...! Are you a leader or a follower?

    Leader of course! I know how to get sh- I mean stuff done!
    A follower. I feel comfortable depending on someone.
    A leader. I can't trust anybody else to do things for me.
    Depends on the situation.

    RP TIME! Your favorite part!

    Awesome! I love me a good role play!
    *eyes light up but remains silent*
    Role play? Cool!

    You are out on a mission to fight a group of trespassers. What is the first thing that you do?

    Head straight to the group's whereabouts. You've heard from a trusted source that they are new to the battle field and are unfamiliar with other fighting styles. You could beat them in a flash.
    Make sure you have a team assembled then you all split up and pinpoint the enemies weak points. Once you know how to attack them effectively, you go for the strike.
    Stick in the shadows and in the trees and go light weighted. Any slight sound of equipment could alert your enemy of your position. Once you have spotted them, you remain silent until you see an opening and you go for the kill.

    The battle has begun! But what is this? One of the trespassers has a spear and is about to strike you in the heart! You:

    Side step and grab a near by enemy by the neck, yanking him backwards so he is struck by the spear just in time. You then dash up to the owner of the spear and deal a deadly blow to the temple of his head.
    see the action just in time to grab the blade of the spear and toss it aside, kicking the attacker in the processess and crushing his ribs. Sure your hand is bleeding but you have much greater problems to worry about.
    Duck just in time to dodge the attack and sweep out your foot and strike the attacker in the leg, knocking him down. You then grab the spear and stab him in the heart.
    Throw your sword at the attacker just in time before the spear pierces you. You then yank out your sword from the dead body and continue attacking.

    The battle is won! You have successfully defeated your enemies. You:

    Celebrate back at the pub with your fellow fighters. Nothing better then a jug of beer and a good laugh after a long days work!
    Congratulate your team mates with a pat on the back and a good word. You then head out deeper into the forest, exploring the territory. Celebrating could wait.
    You search the dead bodies for anything that could be of use. Then you clean your weapons on the grass and set out for the base. The one in charge of the mission would need to know the result.

    It's night time now after a long days work and you find yourself unable to sleep. you:

    (choose at least 1 and at most 2 answers)
    Get up and take a walk around the town. Nothing better than a little sightseeing to calm your mind.
    Wake up a couple of your comrades and have a chat. Better to learn more fighting styles and methods than waste your time trying to sleep.
    Sneak into the battle room and rehearse your battle stances and strikes. There is no such thing as 'too much training.'
    Open your window and gaze out at the starry sky and have your mind wander. Sooner or later you'll get tired and fall asleep.

    Well! It's come to the end of your quiz! How was it?

    It was great! Thanks for having me!
    Awesome! Though, there could have been more questions. It was to short. Just sayin'
    *stares blankly* It was alright. You still of room for improvement.
    It was cool. Nice job and have a good one!

    Thanks for the feedback! See ya!

    Bye mate! until next time!
    *Nods and waves hand* Alright then.
    Goodbye bud. Safe travels.

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