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    What are you looking for in a girl?

    I want a girl who is romantic. Kind of a given with any relationship, y'know?
    I want a girl who is flirtatious. I don't wanna have to be the one who makes ALL the first moves!
    I want a girl who is sexual. Because that's HOT.
    I want a girl who is talented. Just like me!~

    What's your favourite colour?

    Milky Pink
    Mint Green
    Ocean Blue
    Velvet Red
    Baby Blue
    Beige Cream
    Lilac Purple
    Gleamy Gold
    Shiny Silver

    Be honest. What'd be your dream girls' cup size?

    A cup. Big breasts intimidate me. ;_;
    B cup. What? I'm not into fake ass hoes.
    C cup. I like the natural look.
    D cup. Hey, don't look at me like I'm some kind of pervert!
    DD cup. Yes, I am a total pervert.

    What kind of a gift would you consider getting your girlfriend?

    (choose at least 1 and at most 3 answers)
    A fitness/dancer/yoga type gift.
    An academic gift.
    A raver gift.
    A scuba gift. (Girls dig that trust me)
    Some toys.
    An artsy gift.
    A gardening gift.
    An aquatic/aquarium type gift.
    A sporty gift.
    A baking gift.

    What would be the desired age range for your girlfriend?


    What kind of girl are you looking for?

    I'm pretty into cheerleaders. Go team!
    An Asian chick. Specifically a Japanese chick. I have like, the WORST case of yellow fever.
    This might come off as a bit weird but a Mexican/Latina girl.
    A chick who's always high on narcotics, like me!
    An air stewardess. I love to hear stories from around the world.
    A gamer girl, specifically retro gamer. That would be so cool.
    A girl who is festive. I want a girl who's ready to live it up!
    A girl who cares about the natural world, as do I.
    Neko A.K.A. cat girl. What? Of course they're real.
    An alien chick. All the easier to seduce... MWAHAHAHA!

    RP time! You and your girlfriend are out at the club and she asks you to buy her a drink. You get her a...

    Lemon Drop.
    Pina Colada.
    Lime Margarita.

    Now she's hungry! What do you get her?

    (choose at least 1 and at most 2 answers)
    Breakfast food. She's going to be out until morning after all that drinking anyways...
    Candy. What girl DOESN'T love candy?
    Fruit. Good and good for you!
    Veggies. She seems like the healthy type.
    Junk food. I dunno why, she just strikes me as the type to like that stuff.
    Dessert. Some for me, too!~

    It's the first date. You wanna start things off with something she'd like. Where do you take her?

    Out to campus, she loves the academic setting.
    To the casino, to live it up!
    To the gym, since she's pretty much obsessed with that place.
    To the nightclub, my girl loves to party!
    To the cafe, where we can drink coffee and chat to our hearts content.
    Back to my place, she seems like a pretty chill girl.
    To the bar, considering she drinks obsessively.
    To the park, she loves nature.
    To the hiking trail, my girl loves a good challenge!
    To the beach, totally not just because I wanna see her in a bikini.

    RP over. Not only that, but the quiz, too! Any last words?

    Thank you, it was an awesome quiz!
    Whatever, can I just see who I got already..?
    I hope she's hot!
    Let's move on, if you please.

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