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    Are you excited about taking this Celestial Ring quiz?

    Yes Very much!
    Im so excited!
    Don't care.
    I hate taking quizess >_
    Sure ^^
    Eh I guess.
    .....Wait What?
    Oh I love Quizess!

    Ok so these first 10 questions is getting to know a little bit about you. Sooooo Tell me which of these best describes your personality trait?


    Everyone has a favorite color right? So whats yours?

    Sky Blue
    Deep Blue
    Hot Red
    I don't have a favorite color...
    I like all the pretty colors!
    My favorite color isn�t listed O_O

    On your spare time what is it that you enjoy doing?

    Reading a good book
    Creating new things!
    Going over to my lovers place
    Playing a game!
    Making out.
    Being around Family and Friends

    What kind of at home atmosphere most suits you?

    Being surrounded by flowers and plants!
    Someplace that has a nice breeze and open windows
    Full of toys, toys and more toys!
    A place where I can peacefully read a book.
    Someplace Dark
    I would like an aquarium in my room.
    A room full of beautiful ladies.
    Rose Paddles, candle lights and a bottle of champagne

    How easily can you make friends?

    Quite well ^^
    So so...Im a little shy.
    Not even gonna attempt.
    I don't make friends.
    I can make friends by telling stupid jokes
    Oh very easily ~winks~
    You wanna be my friend?
    I can make friends by my charms.
    I like baring gifts to make a friend.

    What is your favorite source of transportation?

    Riding an expensive car
    Riding a horse
    Teleporting at the speed of light
    Piggy back riding from some stranger
    Calling someone for a ride
    Calling someone for a ride
    Don�t care as long as I get there

    What's your preferred fighting style?

    Close combat
    Oh I don�t want to fight�.don�t wanna break a nail.
    I like to play fight!
    I fight with a long spare
    Fighting with whatever I got.
    I fight using powers.
    I fight with a shield and sword.
    I don�t like fighting, but if I had to I would use a Whip cuz it suits my style.
    Fighting with guns, it solves everything�.

    What do you think about the Sun?

    Its so bright!
    The Sun is a Star.
    I wanna destroy it...
    The Sun is so bright and beautiful!
    I love the Sun.
    Don't care about the Sun...
    ...... Whats the Sun again?
    It�s a round ball and I wanna play with it!
    Its so big and very Hot.

    Which of these emoticons suits you most?


    What do you believe in?

    Absolute POWER
    Having Fun!
    Don't care
    I�ll believe in what ever you want me to believe in O_O
    I believe in making you happy.

    Alright so these last few questions will be rp, but first How are you feeling right now about this quiz?

    I'm feeling quite well.
    I'm still Excited!
    Don't care...
    Just finish the da** quiz!
    I wanna go and play
    Wanna hear a joke?
    I like where this is going.
    Im feeling gracious!
    I kinda have some place to be, so could you hurry it up?

    . Someone just called you an unappropriated name���¢�¯�¿�½���¦How would you respond to this?

    Give them the finger and keep it moving
    Stump them into the floor
    Get offended
    Cause a scene and play victim.
    Laugh about it
    Ignore it and walk away.
    Cry about it.
    Ask them why are you being called out?
    Repeat what they just said back in a playful way

    There is an all-out war and the ruler has asked for your assistance!

    I will fight!
    Let me think about it.
    I fight for no one but myself!
    Don't care...
    I will help and support in any way that I can
    Yeah I�ll fight as long as I get a life supply of candy in return
    Sure I�ll fight�.but don�t expect me to do much.
    Bring it on!!! Fighting is my game!
    I will sacrifice my life!

    You have been invited to one of the best parties in the universe! How do you feel?!

    Im not gonna go...
    I'll go just to be going.
    I gotta make sure that im looking sexy and fly.
    I DON�T DO PARTIES *rip up the invitation*
    Free FOOOD!!
    I'm so Excited!
    Finally I get to be out of the house!
    Im use to being invited to Parties ^^

    Some random person wants to know how old you are. What will you tell them?

    I will tell them the truth.
    How old do you think I am?
    . . . . . .
    I�ll just lie about my age.
    I�M 4 YEARS OLD!!
    I�ll be however old you want me to be
    I look younger than you think.
    I�m young at heart.
    Figure it out yourself�

    Your closes neighbor stopped by to say hello. How would you respond back?

    Say hello politely and invite them over.
    Turn your back and ignore them
    Welcome them with open arms and hang out afterwards
    Kiss them on the cheeks before greeting them
    Jump on their back and ask for a piggy back ride
    Tell them to get lost
    Ask them for a high 5
    Bow and say hello
    Simply give them a wave and smile.

    You just got upset about something. How would you vent your frustrations?

    Get really emotional
    Make a big deal out of it
    Go and punch some random person
    Get comfort from a close friend
    Cry about it
    Go and read a book
    Get overly upset about it and blame the entire world
    Go and tell someone about your frustration
    Go get drunk...

    Youve been giving an important task to deliver a package full of gold, diamonds, pictures and a tooth brush to a person that you dislike. So what will you do to carry out this mission?

    Toss it into the trash
    Take all the jewelry out but leave everything else
    I will deliver the package as ordered
    I will get someone else to deliver it for me.
    I will add more items to the package in forgiveness
    I will take it to its destination�but wont be very happy about it
    I�ll open it and take just the tooth brush cuz I need a new one anyways.
    Take pictures of my butt and replace the photos.
    Take the package for yourself because you deserve it more.

    FINALLY! What is your favorite planet and why?

    Mercury � Because it�s the fastest planet!
    Venus � Because it�s sexy hot
    Earth � Because it�s a beautiful world
    Mars � Because it�s Red�.
    Jupiter � Because it�s the biggest planet!
    Saturn � Because its a Ring planet
    Uranus �Because I love its color
    Neptune � Because it�s blue and cool
    Pluto � Because Pluto is so cute!

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