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    Oh! A fan of L4D! Or did you just click on this quiz because you saw the word "zombie"? -_-

    Oh, I'm a fan~ :3
    I only clicked on this thing 'cuz I'm bored..
    *Shrugs* I just like zombies, mmkay?

    Anywayyy, moving on to the actual quiz. You up for a little role-play?

    Ffff... >_

    The last thing you remember is closing your eyes to go to sleep. When you wake up, you're in a hospital bed. Your body is sore and you are unable to move for a few minutes. While you regain yourself, you take a look around the room, perplexed. The lights are turned off, and the shelves of medicine were basically torn apart. Empty medication bottles scattered the floor around you. It was then when you heard a moan from the door, which was wide open. Something - or someone - was coming.

    YOI! I have to hide..!
    Do I have a weapon..? If not, then I have to hide.

    Your veins pumping with adrenaline, you quickly stumble out of your bed and hide behind a cabinet. You can't see what it is exactly, but a dark, slumping figure walks into the room. Whatever it is, it walks as if it's drunk or something...

    *Points* Yo, breh! You okay?
    *Stay silent*
    Shuffle slightly closer to get a better look.

    The figure moans again, but walks out of the room. You wait about ten more minutes before shuffling away from the cabinet. Suddenly, you decide to take a closer look at the room. Patient's papers, broken bottles, dead computers... aha! A piece of writing, on the wall! Walking closer, you notice that it reads, "NOT A FLU".

    Not a flu? What is this, Ebola?
    Crap! An illness!
    I need to gather more information.. it could save my life.

    So, here's what you know. There is some type of disease or epidemic going on. You were at the hospital, which means you might have had the symptoms for that illness. Not only that, but that figure looked like it was sick, too. Which ALSO means that you're in a tall building that's filled with victims of this disease, and who knows what they're up to!

    o_o" ..Thanks for keeping me calm!!!!!
    Oh, that's just great.. I need to get out of here.
    Gah! Wait, so this is it?! I need to find some other clues or something..

    Staggering backwards, your hand touches the wall, which happens to be slimy. You turn around. There, on the floor, was a man. His head was bleeding, and some of the blood was on the wall - which you had just touched. The man moans a little.

    EUGEEHGHREEGHEGH *Whacks bloody hand onto the wall* GROOOOOOSSSSSS-
    Back away. You don't know if he's sick or not!
    Stay there, but be cautious. Try to communicate to him.

    Suddenly, the man looked up at you, and you realize what is happening. The wall was right - this was no flu. Flesh was decomposing from all over his body. His eyes were bulged out and lifeless. Blood, scabs, and many other excruciating injuries called this man's body their home. The man reaches his hand out to you.

    *Whacks his hand and jumps back* HUUUUU-
    *Backs away* Ehh... eaaasy, killer..
    *Karate-chop his head only to end up realizing that I have no karate skills whatsoever* Oh, heheh... whoopsieee~

    The zombie leaped up and began to struggle closer to you. Before he could reach out and grab you, there was a loud bang, and the zombie fell to the ground. You turned your head to see a woman. She was armed with an AK47 - God knows where she got that sort of thing - and she was unfortunately pointing it at you. "Are you clean?" She asked, her voice determined and strong, even for a feminine character.

    *Raises hands in surrender* Yes, I'm alive..
    I don't know if I should trust you, and I don't know what the heck is going on. I'd suggest you aim that thing somewhere else before one of us gets hurt.
    *Sniffs armpit* Hmm... yeah, I think I'm decent...

    The woman gives you a stern look and hesitantly puts her gun down. "Come on. We don't have much time. They're intrigued by anything loud or bright." Before you can respond, the woman is out the door.

    *Follow her without thinking twice about it* DON'T LEAVE ME TO DIEEEEE
    Follow her, but do so cautiously.
    Take a few seconds to gather some supplies from the shelves, then run after her.

    Whenever you get out of the room, you see her running towards an elevator at the end of the hall. On the other side of the hall was a whole mob of zombies, and they were coming - fast. "Come on!" She called, her hand ready to press the Lobby button.

    *Run desperately towards the elevator* HUUUUUUUUUUUUU
    Run quickly towards the door, but be careful of where you step.
    Run and don't look back!

    You leaped into the elevator and the doors closed just in time. The woman offers her hand to you and pulls you up. "Have any supplies?" She asks, though, it didn't sound like a question. More of a demand.

    Hand her all of the supplies you have, but note that they belong to both of them now.
    Shake your head, having nothing but the clothes on your back.
    Why should I trust YOU with MY stuff?

    The woman nods and presses her back against the wall. She sighed.

    Stay silent.
    Whistle a tune.
    Look at the floor.

    She glances at you. "If you haven't noticed, we're in the apocalypse. Thrilling TV series' have apparently struck reality." She takes a minute to reload her weapon. "By the way, name's Zoey."

    Does it look like I care?
    Great. Since I'm practically going to die by your side... *introduce yourself*

    Zoey pulled out a pistol and handed it to you. "Well, nice to meet you, then. If you don't want to die, I suggest you help out a little." The doors opened, and the two of you were face-to-face with a lobby full of the dead.

    Go trigger-happy on those lifeless, limbless land scums!!
    Drop the pistol and run away screaming your face off.
    Try your best to help the chic out if any of the dead get too close to her.

    After hours of shooting the zombies, you follow the girl down the hall towards the exit of the hospital. "Almost there," she whispered. As if on cue, a long, sorrowful wailing noise came from the room in front of you...

    Stay silent and stop moving.
    Shuffle closer to get a little peek inside.

    Zoey clenched her gun tightly. "No," she breathed. She turned her head to you. "Lights off, and keep your mouth shut." Slowly, she walked past the room, which was pitch black other than two glowing dots that seemed to move up and down to the weeping.

    Turn your light on, point it inside the room, and start yelling.
    Stay quiet and walk after Zoey.
    Peek inside the room as you pass by.

    Suddenly, I got bored with the RP and decided to add a terrible ending for my own desire. A tank, a witch, a smoker, a jockey, a spitter, a boomer, and a hunter decided to come in and ambush the two of you. (P.S., if you don't play the game, those are types of zombies)

    OHHMEHGERH- *Dies from terrible reactions*
    Just continue shooting them.
    Run and shoot. RUN AND SHOOT!

    And then everybody died. Just kidding... you'll figure out if you die with the results.

    Umm.. k..
    *Thumbs up* Kewl.

    Ignore this question.. *COUGH*


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