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    Well, hello there, new Host!

    Hmm. Hello.
    What? I'm not a host! Geez.
    Greetings, beautiful lady. I hope I will enjoy this well-made, thoughtful quiz.
    Thanks for having me.
    What do we...have here?

    So, this might be old, but it helps. What's your very favorite colour?

    I love red, it reminds me of you.
    Well... I don't really like any in particular.
    Blue... no, pink...
    I'm quite partial to lavender, or any purples.
    I like green, I guess. Why?
    I like...umm... cake color?

    Alright then. Let's role-play a bit, OK?

    Fine then.
    WHAT?!? I hate RP!!! It sucks!
    Yeah, sure! *smile*
    Yeah sure. Whatever. I'm bored.
    YAY! Is there cake?
    Of, course, whatever will make my beautiful flower happy~

    A shy young girl walks in and nervously requests you.

    *sparkle... RUN* Hello, pretty lady! Welcome to the Host Club. I am the King of this place. Enjoy~
    Welcome! Would you like some tea? I made it myself!
    HI! Who're you? Do you like cake? I like cake! And sugar! Do you want a strawberry? *slip* Owwww~!
    Would you like to buy our special edition calenders? *smile*
    How are y- Oh! I cut my finger! Don't worry, here....
    Hey. *fall* Ow... I'm fine. Nothin' can hurt me.

    Quick! She seems a little put off!

    Are you feeling okay?
    Why'r you inching away?
    *Weird brotherly love*
    I'm sorry *tear* if I frightened my beautiful dewdrop.... I was simply trying to express my feelings toward you...
    I can give you a 15% discount. *glasses flash* No more.
    *puppy dog eyes* OH NO! Are you sad? Here, I'll give you a slice of cake. Did you want the strawberry? I'm sorry...

    Safe~ She's blushing furiously. It's obvious she's very nervous.

    My dear, my flower, my love, please, sit down. You can sleep in my arms, away from everyone else.
    Hehe! Miss, you look like a pretty strawberry!
    *weird brotherly love again*
    Here, if you want, you could visit another host. And be sure to tell your friends.
    *fixes band-aid*
    I'm glad. Here's some more tea. I remember when my mom used to make me tea... I learned from her... *smile*

    She's calmed down some, and seems pleased. The bell tolls.

    Well, I should get back to my studies. I want to get a good grade! *smile* I'll see you again?
    Darn, club's over. See ya girls.
    Sadly, the bell tolls on our time. I hope I may see you again, princess,
    *glasses fix*
    AWWWW! You have to go?? That's so saaad! I'll see you tomorrow, riiight? ~

    She leaves happy and content. Maybe she'll request you again...

    I'm bored now...
    One step closer to eating this week. And maybe some fancy tuna~
    I should practice the piano now...
    *write write write*
    Daddy wants you to never do that again, okay?
    *cake chomp*

    End of role play! What do you think you are?

    Prince Charming (a.k.a. the KING!)
    Cool Type.
    I'm boy lolita!
    I dunno... normal?
    *chuckle* Little devil!
    Naughty, I guess.

    Thanks! Hope you enjoyed, farewell~!

    Goodbye, princess.
    See ya.
    BYE! ~

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