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    A path in the local park is broken. Due to legal issues it would cost less to build a new path. However a few trees would be cut down for this new path. What would you do?

    You build the new path.
    You repair the old path even though it costs more.
    You leave things as they are. Who cares about a few broken stones?
    You put some boards over the holes. There, fixed it.

    You find a dog. Its collar seems to be broken. What do you do?

    You look for its owner.
    You take it to the animal shelter.
    You stay with it until its owner shows up.
    You take it home with you.

    You win 10000 Yuan. What do you do with the money?

    You donate it to charity.
    You invest it.
    You buy something you always wanted to have.
    You put it into your piggy-bank.

    Boo! Did I startle you?

    No. Idiot.
    Take this!

    You have a bunch of homework to do over the holidays.

    You do a bit of it every day.
    You do all of it at once in the first two days. What's done is done.
    You wait until the last day and work through the night.
    You completely forget about it and don't remember until your teacher asks about it.

    Describe your best friend!

    (choose at least 2 and at most 2 answers)

    You see an old lady getting robbed. What do you do?

    You chase after the robber.
    You help the old lady up.
    You call the police.
    You call other passersby for help.

    You are painting. In a moment of inattention you spill your colors all over your painting. What do you do?

    You curse and throw the ruined painting away.
    You declare your painting to be abstract art.
    You try to save what you can.
    You start painting a new one.

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