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    It's a nice summer day. What do you do?

    Go to the out somewhere with your sketchbook and draw the scenery.
    Challenge the neighborhood children to a footrace.
    Do your outdoor daily chores.
    Invite your friends over.
    Sit in your driveway/deck/balcony and take in the sun.

    How do your friends describe you?

    (choose at least 1 and at most 5 answers)
    Quiet and reserved.
    Clumsy and cry-babyish.
    Different, but sweet and friendly.
    Hyper and energetic.
    Talented and self-confident.

    How would you describe yourself?

    (choose at least 1 and at most 5 answers)

    What is your main hobby?

    Building things.
    Going outside.
    Talking to friends.

    A girl walks up to you and asks if she can borrow your math notes. What do you do?

    Give them to her without saying a word.
    You are that person...
    Ask why and give it to them only if they have a good reason to use them.
    Of course! Take them!
    No! You might see the embarrassing doodles in the back...

    Your crush confesses to you. How do you react?

    Feel really queasy in the stomach and feel very happy.
    Take it as a joke.
    Get really shy and confess to them later on.
    What crush?
    I see...

    How are/were you stereotyped at school?

    The talented one.
    The popular outgoing one.
    The different one.
    The annoying one.
    The smart one.

    What is your ideal idea of relaxation?

    Chilling in your pajamas at night, watching movies and eating popcorn.
    Going outdoors, playing with your pet(s).
    Taking a drive through town, with the windows down and enjoying the breeze and the scenery.
    Drawing pictures and listening to music in your workplace.
    Sitting in a quiet room in a comfy chair, reading a good book.

    What is your friend group like?

    I prefer having a few close friends than having a lot of further friends.
    I'm friends with just about everyone!
    I'm kind of a loner, but I have a few good friends who understand me.
    I'm the leader of my friend group!
    I prefer to stay more reserved, but I do have a few people I talk to every now and then.

    What is the most important to you?


    What makes you the happiest?

    Being praised and surrounded by a crowd.
    Being left alone in peace.
    The thought of your favorite things.
    Improving on your talents and skills.
    Doing something good for a cause.

    What makes you the most sad?

    Losing a friend.
    Being bullied.
    Being scolded.
    Losing a valuable possession.

    What makes you the most angry?

    Losing a game
    When people don't obey rules.
    Things that are un-cool.
    Loud people.

    Where are you in the classroom?

    In the back for being in trouble.
    Next to all the stupid people.
    In the front of the room, going about your business.
    In the cool corner.
    Helping people with problems.

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