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    What type of guy do you like?

    Brave and determined.
    Kind and caring.
    Serious and loyal.
    Shy and sweet.
    Silly and childish.
    Bad boys.
    Flamboyant and sarcastic.

    Which color do you like the best?

    (choose at least 1 and at most 2 answers)

    If you had a Philosopher's Stone, what would you do with it?

    Get my lost limbs back.
    Get my body back.
    Gain my eyesight back.
    *shrugs* I don't really know.
    What do I need a silly stone for?
    Become immortal.
    Become ruler of the world!
    Become human.

    Your dream date would be...

    Fighting crime with my awesome boyfriend!
    A nice relaxing, calm picnic at the park.
    Dinner at an expensive restaurant.
    A movie.
    A home-cooked meal at my boyfriend's house.
    A tour of my boyfriend's country.
    Skip the date! Let's get right to the love making. XD
    Who goes on stupid dates?

    You find out that Al is hollow inside his armor. Your reaction is...

    What's the big deal?
    It doesn't bother me at all.
    It's a little surprising but I can handle it.
    *screams and runs away in fright*
    *epic gasp* You're immortal!
    Tell me the secret of binding a soul to an inanimate object!

    Your boyfriend proposes to you. What does he say?

    *blushes bright red* If I give you half of my life, will you give me half of yours?
    *smiles sweetly* Uh, w-will you marry me?
    How would you like to become my queen? *flirty eyebrows*
    Babe, I've dated hundreds of girls, but none of them can compare to you. So how about you be my last girl?
    *offers a bouquet of flowers* Would you make me the happiest man in the world by becoming my wife?
    Be my empress, and together we shall rule happily side by side!
    Ah, who needs to get married when I can stay single and sleep with all the girls I want?
    Pfft, forget marriage! I don't wanna be committed to one person!

    What do you think of alchemy?

    It's my life!
    It sure comes in handy a lot.
    I only use it if I can wear my gloves.
    It's not my thing.
    I don't really have a use for it.
    Alchemy? No way! Alkahestry (purification arts) is better!
    I don't need stupid alchemy. I already have powers.
    Who needs alchemy when you can shape shift?

    You find a wallet full of money on the ground. What do you do with it?

    I don't need it. I have more than enough money in my funds.
    Turn it in to its rightful owner.
    Maybe I'll just take a few hundred dollars...
    I'll just "borrow" it for a little while. >:D
    Find the owner right away and warn them to be more careful next time!
    This money will help me be successful in life!
    It's mine!! All mine!!!
    Finders keepers, losers weepers!

    What's your opinion on state alchemists?

    I AM one!
    Someone very close to me is one.
    Everyone in my line of work is a state alchemist.
    They don't bother me.
    I'm neutral.
    *dances randomly* I'm sorry. What was the question?
    They're too powerful!
    They can help me reach my goal!

    Look out! It's a homunculus!!!

    Time to kick some ass!
    *sighs* I'd better get ready to fight.
    Those bastards!
    Aw crap.
    *runs away screaming like a girl*
    Maybe they can tell me the secret to immortality!
    Pfft! Please, my boyfriend is a homunculus.
    Homunculi are freakin' awesome!

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