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    How do you feel about magic?

    I have no feelings about magic. It neither pleases nor threatens me.
    I absolutely loathe magic. It has no place in this world!
    I believe that magic can be a positive thing: it all depends on who wields it.
    I think that magic will be abused, only benefiting the wielder.
    Magic is dangerous! But I don't necessarily hate it.
    I believe that magic can help make this world a better place.
    What is this magic you speak of?
    Magic is everywhere! *sparkly feels*

    What would your preferred pet be?

    Horse- A nobleman/woman's stead!
    Dragon- Pyromaniac here.
    Dog- A loyal friend for all.
    Cat- Sly and sleek.
    Unicorn- Just because C:
    Goblin- I heard they like money...
    Lion- King of the jungle.
    Crow- More intelligent than you think.
    Snake- Very appealing.
    Owl- Can be very wise.

    You have been assigned to take on a very challenging project of rescuing someone from a deep cave within the earth. You accept, but soon discover the chances of surviving seem bleak. You:

    Go ahead with the rescue! I'm not someone to go back on my world.
    Leave them, who were they anyway?
    Use magic to help them (much better than just relying on my strength).
    Try my best with the rescue, but turn back when you can't go any further.
    Everyone deserves a chance. I would want someone to rescue me if I was in that situation.
    I'm too weak to do this! But I will get others to help me-it looks like a team effort.
    This is nonsense and a waste of my time, quite frankly.
    Chances look slim? Awesome, I'm in.
    Here goes nothing!

    Well guess what? You decided to save that person and successfully rescued them! They are a known traitor and murderer to the whole kingdom and you have been ordered to kill the person. How do you do so?

    K-kill?! I've never done something so horrific in my whole life! No, I can't!
    If they're a murderer... how am I still alive? Maybe they've had a change in heart.
    I must do what I must do. It's for the best of the kingdom anyway.
    I believe in second chances! Let the person prove themselves.
    I'd probably just add poison in their drink or something.
    I've already killed them.
    Does knocking them out count as something?
    *Runs away* I'm not a murderer- I'm not meant for this!

    In a place where magic is forbidden (and punishable by death), you find that your best friend has magical properties. You also know there is a reward for those who find others with magic, and you could use the recognition and money to save your family from peril.

    I won't betray my friend. Maybe we could use magic to help my family?
    I believe this law is totally wrong! I will keep my friends' secret with me, we are best friends after all.
    I just sent word to the king about them. They should be dead by morning and my family saved and rewarded.
    I killed them myself. Why waste time? Magic is evil!
    They've done so much for me. I can't betray them, but I can't keep it a secret either. It's best if they leave this kingdom to a place where magic is welcomed.
    There's a reason for BFF's. Loyalty and trust is everything, my family will understand.
    Just because magic is not understood, doesn't mean we need to persecute those who have it. I believe it's a gift.

    Classic, choose your element.

    Energy (lightning)
    All of them!

    Choose the top 3 words that best describe you.


    What type of warrior would you be in the battlefield?

    Archer: My aim never misses any target.
    Knight: My strength and horse will take the enemy down.
    Foot solider: I'm fast and quick on my feet, and not to shabby with a sword.
    Commander: Right where I belong, directing others.
    Sniper: I prefer and more... interesting way to fight.
    Planner: I'm not too strong, but I know how to use my head!
    Sorcerer: Psh. Why waste muscle, when magic can take this down!
    Healer: My job is to heal those who are injured.
    Encourager: Yup. I just encourage those to fight for what they believe in!
    Flag bearer: Holding a flag should be enough... right? *knee trembles*

    What are you views on marriage?

    Marriage should be for those who truly love each other, and nothing more.
    Marriage is a bond that can strengthen two households, and doesn't necessarily have to be about love (I mean, love can come after, right).
    Marriage is about having lots of kiddos! Woot woot!
    M-marriage?! I-I'm much too young.
    Marriage? Really, who has time for that? I have better things to worry about...
    Maybe one day, but right now, marriage is out of the question.
    Marriage is such a big commitment, I don't think I can commit too.

    You were playing a betting game and you lost. You have been ordered to do a dare as payment for the loss. Please choose.

    Sleep in the barns with the horses.
    Walk around in my underwear.
    Steal something from someone.
    Do some break dancing in the middle of the town square.
    Sing loudly as a drunken man/woman.
    Pretend to be a llama.
    Poke a sleeping dragon with a stick.
    I won't do anything of these, and if you try that again, you WILL regret it.
    Pssssh. I never loose! Are you drunk or something?

    What do you think your magical name would start with? (OPTIONAL: You can go to this website: to find out.)


    Have you watched the BBC version of Merlin?

    Yes, obviously!
    Nope, don't have time.
    Not yet, but I hope to.
    Parts of it... it wasn't that interesting.
    No, but I know of the legend!

    If you found a baby dragon, what would you do?

    Care for it. Dragons are rare and quite handy if they're on your side.
    Is it's mother nearby?! *looks frantically around*
    Awww, they're quite adorable, but I don't think I could look after it properly.
    Kill it. Kill it with fire.
    I have no idea what to do. *walks away*
    Maybe one of my friend's know what to do.
    Nature is best left alone.
    Take it home and maybe get some help.

    What color is your hair?

    Light brown
    Dark brown

    You're headed out for another dangerous quest and you decide to take a magical potion with you. Which one would you take?

    Healing potion, they always come in handy!
    Poison, they come in handy too.
    Stamina potion, I can't waste too much time sleeping.
    Enhancement potion, for running, magic or fighting.
    Sleeping potion, I get a little paranoid.
    None, I don't need magic.
    None, I have all the magic I need!

    What type of person are you?

    The joker.
    The fighter.
    The evildoer.
    The righteous figure.
    The sorcerer.
    The quitter.
    The ruler.
    The lover.
    The healer.
    The know-it-all

    Your favorite season?


    Magic is all around us! :D

    Lol, no.
    Yes, yes it is!
    Stop speaking nonsense.
    Haha, yes, and I'm a wizard.
    Watch what you may be your last.
    *dances* Wahoo, I knew it!
    I don't believe in magic.

    Who would you like to get?


    Did you enjoy this quiz?

    Very much so!
    It was okay.
    Meh, one of *those* types of quizzes.
    Not really, but good try.
    Definitely not.

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