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    Hi! How are you on this fine day?

    I am colder than a corpse in February, and my bones ache to see the sunlight. Alas, I am trapped in eternal darkness.
    I am adequate.
    I am feeling so alive and buoyant! Thank you for asking!
    1M SW3LL. 4ND YOU 4R3?

    What kind of colors do you like?

    (choose at least 1 and at most 2 answers)
    Monotone colors: black, white, gray.
    Warm colors: red, orange, yellow.
    Cool colors: blue, green, purple.
    Bright neon colors!

    Which of your physical sense couldn't you live without?

    My sense for the souls of those past.
    My sixth-sense!
    My ability to taste and smell.
    My ability to feel.

    What do you want to do for a living?

    (choose at least 1 and at most 2 answers)
    Create a better life for those around me.
    What I'm doing now, but professionally.
    Right the wrongs in the world!
    Just, you know, be me, I guess?
    Revenge for all I have been through.
    I dunno', something fun.

    What is your ideal lifestyle?

    The life I'm livin'! Ahh...
    A life of warm, cuddly happiness!
    Resting in peace under the earth in the darkest of crypts.
    I wanna' live it up! Action, surprises, and excitement! That's the life for me!
    I want to see what life has in store for me. You never know what might happen!
    I want to make new discoveries, for each moment hold spectacular happenings in different ways.

    What do you think of society?

    Sheep! All of you!
    It's wonderful and awful, but I am glad to belong.
    I am not part of society. I am an outcast.
    I don't want to be part of society! Humans are horrendous!

    Hooray, you are part of society no matter your view, for you are human!

    No. You are wrong. I will never be a part of the populace.
    Uh, okay, thanks for forcing that on me...
    Okay! I am glad to belong!
    Nope. I'm a Troll.

    If you could be a ruler of Earth, how would you run the world?

    Everybody would love each other, and there would be peace all around! *hugs Earth*
    It's mine! All mine! Mwahahahahaha! I can do whatever I want, and everybody has to obey ME.
    All of the people can do whatever they want! I would rather watch them and live my own life.
    I would create a fair system for living in the world. There's must be consequences for the actions of others.
    I would not rule, for what is a ruler to the cosmos? We are not really in control. We create an illusion that we have a say over our lives, but our fates are decided. A ruler? I would not call one so.

    What would you say your philosophy of life is?

    Be happy and make others happy!
    Make progress!
    It doesn't matter. We are but a small planet in a large solar system.
    Life is to find my purpose!

    For fun: what's your favorite typing quirk?

    Glub glub 38)
    I Find Kanayas Quirk To Be Most Satisfactory.

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