Lonely Wishes What MLP Fashion Forward Pony Are You?

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    What kind of fashion do you enjoy?

    Dresses that fit the occasion and make me look fabulous!
    Cute, simple outfits; something to match my personality.
    The winning outfit, of course.
    Unique dresses! Ones that focus on natural beauty!
    Quite precise styles. Professional and detailed.
    Simple outfits. I love to express myself through my wardrobe.

    When you go out, you usually wear:

    Why, anything that stands out and is simply elegant!
    Just a simple business outfit and satchel, maybe a flower accessory.
    A scarf and a hair band; keep it sweet and chic!
    A big, striped dress and sunglasses!
    Anything expensive--I have to keep a good image of myself.
    Just a simple frock.

    What are your biggest ambitions?

    To be the most well-known pony in Canterlot!
    To keep making dresses. You know, make a living.
    To get the winning prize. What else would I want?
    To make ordinary ponies amazing and make the crowd adore them!
    I'm more of a judge then anything else.
    To study rocks. Rock science is really intense.

    What is your favorite color?

    Purple! Oh, and white! And blue, too!
    I like soft colors like blue pink and purple.
    Blue of course.
    Black and white! Classical colors are beautiful!
    Anything matching, not too amateur. I take things to a professional level.

    Tonight's the Gala! What are you wearing?

    The most dazzling and marvelous dress! I want to be the center of the party!
    Oh...I'm not sure I'm going, but I'd wear something pink and purple.
    I'll just have someone make something for me. It's too much work.
    Something that is unique! I'm taking shots of the newest fashions!
    An expensive tuxedo. I'll be talking to the important ponies.
    I'm not really into social things.

    There's a fashion show in Canterlot! What will you do?

    I'm IN the fashion show, darling!
    I was hired to make some outfits for someone...
    Well, I'm there to win of course.
    Taking pictures of my star!
    I'm one of the judges there.
    I'll be outside searching for rocks.

    You're going to a fancy wedding! What are you doing there?

    I'm making the outfits!
    I'm looking for a job...maybe they'll hire me to help with the dresses?
    Why would I go to some silly old pony's wedding?
    Getting some more photos of the bride, of course!
    Criticizing the outfits. I have to go to high society things like this.
    I'm not into weddings. But if Pinkie Pie's there...

    Where do you go to enjoy yourself?

    I'm always at home making dresses!
    To the store to look at dresses. Maybe I could make something similar?
    The big city, try my luck there. They always have room for competition.
    Around small towns to make the unnoticed ponies famous!
    To fashion shows. I enjoy seeing all the new designers.
    Outside. Playing camouflage with my pet rock.

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