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    Which color(s) is your favorite?

    (choose at least 1 answer(s))

    How do you describe yourself?

    I will do anything to make my wishes come true.
    Silent, honest and reliable, hmm maybe bookworm and hard-working. :3
    Easy-going and funny, and cute. Well I'm not very modest...
    Independent and rebellious, I don't like if someone tells me what to do, and I do anything for my friends' sake!

    The eye colour in your dream?


    The hair colour in your dream?

    Dark blue
    Black or dark gray maybe.

    Your hobbies?

    Making jokes, playing basketball, trekking.
    Fighting sports, driving car, having fun at clubs, bars etc.
    Watching TV, playing guitar, playing tennis, studying science or/and human anatomy.
    Reading book, watching documentaries, travelling.

    If you had to choose one of these powers, what would you choose?

    Creating illusions and make them real.
    The full control of wind and to be able to steal the others' energies.
    To read the human mind and create endless swords.
    To control the sun.

    What's your belief of fate?

    As long as I do my best, the God will treat me well.
    There is no God in this world, all I can do is work hard for the thing I want.
    I dunno...
    I'm here to be the God and control others' fates*evil laugh*

    If someone used your belongings without asking you, how would you react?

    I'd harm that person.
    I'd shout at that person. No one can use my belongings without asking me!
    I wouldn't care much I think.

    Someone killed your friend what would you do?

    I'd think about the condition carefully, and as I found that person I'd let the "justice" decide the punishment.
    I'd kill that person or at least make him/her beg for life!
    I wouldn't care...I think....
    I'd only cry.

    Can you keep secrets?

    Of course! You can trust me.
    Of course dear! (thinking who should I tell the secret first)
    No one tells me their secrets so I'm not sure.

    Do your friends trust you?

    I'm the first one they call when they have trouble.
    Yeah they do.

    If you had a boyfriend/girlfriend, where would you take him/her?

    Bar, or club.
    Somewhere silent and peaceful.
    I'd let her/him choose.

    You and your friend are on a competition, you have to play against your friend this round. What'll you do?

    I'd play bad so he/she can win.
    I wouldn't care about him/her, I'd play normally.
    I'd play better to show how great I am to her/him!

    How do you show your anger?

    I'd glare coldly.
    I'd yell.
    I'd get revenge.
    I'd pout.

    Can we be friends?

    Yes cutie, here is my phone number.
    But I don't know you..
    Get lost.

    And finally which Yu-Gi-Oh Dream girl is the best in your opinion?:3

    Umi Hikarino-Heir Of Am-Heh
    Michelle Smith-Heir Of Bastet
    Atsumi Kawasaki - Redduellist
    Saeko Kisaragi - Blondemurderer

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