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    Hey there! Nice to see you here. Today, were are going to see which Sherlock character you resemble most. Make sure you answer the questions like the way you would've done it, so we are able to get a precise result. Would you now please take a seat?

    Oh, thank you. Sure I will, I am curious about the result.
    Alright, nice to see you too. I am already excited!
    Sure, thanks.
    Take a seat? I'm already sitting you genius.
    Sure, but let's have this quickly done. I actually have other things to do.
    Who I resemble most? Actually I can do a conclusion for myself but whatever.

    We're all in that situation already, we've got plenty of work to do but somehow missed doing it by postponing it again and again. How do you handle a conflict like that when the deadline occurs tomorrow?

    It's really hard for me to concentrate on stuff I am not interested in. Assume I would only do the most necessary.
    It depends on what work we speak of.
    Keep calm and think about strategies how exactly I would be able to manage it.
    I can't work with time pressure. Probably would panic, lose it and end up with nothing.
    I have a little secret strategy called "last minute panic".
    I would ask a friend for help. I am sure he or she would help me.

    So, with what kind of attitude you wake up in the morning?

    Geez, I try to be as positive as possible, even if it's hard sometimes. Things will lighten up automatically throughout the day.
    Another ordinary day, full with ordinary people, doing ordinary things. Just five minutes ...
    Quite relaxed. I go to bed early because I really appreciate my sleep, so the morning is easy for me.
    First I look at the clock to see if I didn't oversleep. Though I am glad for every minute I can stay longer in my cuddily bed.
    To be honest: I freaking hate my alarm. I am one of those people that could stay in bed the whole day.
    Unmotivated and still sleepy, it's hard to get out of bed. I often stay up very late or forget about time when I do things I love to do.

    Imagine a crowd of strangers that would suddenly surround you. These people would point at you and look curious when you're crossing their way. You have no idea what you've done, or if this kind of attention is positive or negative. What do you do?

    Honestly ask them what the matter is. I can't stand secrets very well.
    Make a joyful face and ask in a playful and sarcastic way, "Hey guys! Here I am, did you miss me?"
    Simply walk past them and try to ignore these awkward looks.
    Asking politely if I could pass but without trying to find out what the problem is.
    I think I would blush all over and be unable to do anything. Shyly, I would try to cover my face with something and continue to walk along.
    I don't know. I would try to find someone that I know in this crowd.

    No matter how much a person tries to be as cold as ice, there will always be someone we like or we're suddenly attracted to. You feel like confessing your feelings, how would you do that?

    This would be the point were I'd lose my usual wittiness. I don't know! Buying a lot of stuff for them to show my attachment and trying to use as little words as possible.
    If I really would confess, I would do so in an important situation--with an unsure smile though. It will be relieving.
    Doing it in an ordinary situation, so the person thinks it isn't such a drama.
    Murmuring it silently and a little angry with myself...that I fell for that person.
    Saying it in a sarcastic way between the lines. I am actually too shy for a real confession...
    Taking them out into a special place, like a restaurant or a park and tell them how I feel.

    An apocalyptic event destroyed all sweets and candy! If you had to choose between some candy or sweets you could save, what would you choose?

    Muffins with citron-icing.
    A classic bar of chocolate.
    Cake or pie!
    Bonbons, maybe with a sweet fruity taste.
    Cookies with chocolate would be great.
    A box of Pralines, but I will refuse to say this sentence now!

    This quiz would be a waste of time, if I didn't ask this. Describe yourself!


    You just had a bad day and finally arrive home. How do you spend the rest of your evening?

    Checking twice if all my work is ally redone before I calm down and take time to relax.
    Trying not to think about what happened and concentrate on more important things.
    Trying to make myself as comfortable as possible, read a book or something and forget the silly things that happened.
    Not spending it alone. Maybe calling a friend for a little talk.
    Perhaps cooking something for me, so it will help me to calm down a little.
    Still being upset about what happened and spend the time, thinking about what could have gone differently.

    Are you a fond of animals? Or pets?

    Pets only take time. Though I like fish, mysterious and dainty.
    A little cat would be sweet. They always seem to understand when nobody else does.
    I always loved reptiles because they don't get themselves pushed around.
    I'm a fond of birds, they represent freedom and independence.
    I'd totally get myself a dog if that's possible. They're wonderful, faithful animals.
    Never cared a lot. There more important things, though I like dogs.

    You're visiting an expensive restaurant. When your food gets ordered you realize, there is a little bug at the edge of the plate but the waiter already left. How do you react?

    A BUG?! How dare they? Perhaps it's not only me, maybe the whole kitchen is soiled. No one should eat food like this, I paid a lot of money to be here!
    Strange. Actually I would wonder how it got there, since it's a good restaurant after all...
    Okay, there is an insect sitting on my plate! On the other hand, I love food too much to throw it out. I'm sure the food still tastes well!
    It's simply not justifiable. I'd show the waiter immediately, maybe it wasn't the only one and I simply am not hungry anymore.
    Well, it's uninviting. I'd make sure that the waiter noticed, but without making big drama. I'm sure it was only a mistake.
    It's not very appetizing, anyway, after all it's just a little bug. It shouldn't bother me, as well it's not the animal's fault. I'll just pick it away and start eating.

    The birthday of one of your friends is near, but still you don't know what to get him/her. What are you gonna do?

    Trying to remind what this person likes or supports and depend on my knowledge about him/her to decide on what to get.
    Often I am afraid to choose the wrong thing. Therefore I rely on clothing, but put a lot of effort into the wrapping.
    Not quite sure. I would probably forget it again and again, and when the birthday occurs, getting something in last minute.
    I really try to put effort into the thing I'm planning to give away. Even if it costs me the whole night!
    I have no idea really. I am not good at stuff like this. Maybe getting him/her a coupon or something?
    Search in the whole town for the fitting gift, because I think it has to be personal, and special.

    After a hard day of work, you walk around a dark, empty street. Suddenly you watch a woman getting harassed by some very terrifying looking guys. What would you do?

    I would panic! This situation already is somber and I'm not good at fighting. Perhaps I would call the police immediately or search for other help.
    Probably I would try to ignore first, I don't want any trouble myself. But in the end, I would help her somehow. Maybe by distracting the guys from her and lead their attention at myself through provocative quotes.
    The situation is dangerous and serious. I would call the police first but not hesitate to come for rescue as well.
    First check the situation more closely, look at the number of persons, find a fitting strategy and then go to protect her (beat these guys up, if necessary).
    I won't wait a second! I'll immediately run towards them to help her. I know how to defend myself!
    I would try to stay calm and handle the situation myself, through asking about the conflict more precisely and terrify them. I am good at talking.

    A friend is asking you if you could take care for his/her flat for a few days, since he/she is going on vacation. But shortly before his/her return, you broke something really important. How are you going to handle this?

    Be honest and even call them shortly after this mishap, saying that I am very sorry.
    Drive into the city, buy something similar and act as if never something happened.
    Show them, telling them my highest excuses and offer my help if I could do anything else for them to make them feel better.
    Showing them how it happened and tell them that it's not my fault because it was placed unfavorably.
    Trying to conceal it. Throw away the broken piece and act as if it was stolen.
    That would be so embarrassing! I would tell them the truth but I couldn't even begin to tell them how sorry I am that this happened!

    Oh, that's it. We're finished. I hope you enjoyed your time here. Are you excited yet?

    Yes, but actually I am in hurry and have to do other things so please go on!
    Excited? Not really, but this quiz actually was a lot of fun.
    Excited no, but absolutely curious.
    Oh yes, of course. I had a lot of fun between.
    Since I only took this quiz out of pure boredom: not really.

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