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    Greetings,Batman villains!Which is you type of Villainy?

    I only take what I want,nothing that you must care about.
    They always consider me a psycho but i still think that smiles are everyone's wish >:D
    My intellect can be confused for an insane mind but these are only you miserable thoughts they don't call me a Mastermind for anything...
    I'm a burglar and jewelry thief but I just HAVE to steal kitties like love things that shine.
    I can do everything that includes money,I don't care of how I do it!
    Me?A criminal?I consider myself as a Mother Nature protector and everyone's who are against her must die! why do you hate Batman?

    I don't really hate him...I find him very entangling...
    He stands in my way and he'll DIE for this.
    Wayne ruined my family and Batman protects him and gets in my way and I want REVENGE!
    Batsy has always been a serious one and believe me I'd love to see him smile for once haha!
    He destroys my beloved plants and Mother Nature suffers for this!
    Batman has a very peculiar brain that nearly reaches mine and I want to know who's behind that mask!

    Well wow...any weapons?

    Just an umbrella capable of destroying you in 2 seconds*snickers*
    The ice is the most deadly weapon and I use it as my advantage.
    My intellect is the best weapon against pathetic minds.
    You'll die laughing when I show you!Hahaha!
    My little assistants help me to fight him and believe me they are not nice when they are angry.
    My whip and my skills are my weapons but my charm will knock you out.

    Ever had Partnerships?

    With Catwoman once...
    My only partner is Harley but she's too fragile for some works so I don't ALWAYS work with her.
    I work alone.
    No,partnerships insult my intellect I accept challenges.
    Two of them...the first with "Fish breath" and the other one with Batman.
    My partners are my plants.

    Did you double-crossed your partner?

    I've been double-crossed by that midget!
    Catwoman was unnecessary and I had to double-cross her.*snickers*
    I don't need double-crossing.
    Double-cross my plants?!NEVER!
    Double-crossing Harley?I don't need that...

    Any dreams,Oh Evil-Doers?

    I don't have to tell you.
    Let's say that I want to see smiles everywhere,haha! >:D
    Nothing that you must care about...
    Restore my family wealth and destroy Wayne!*evil laugh*
    Make the world a greener place hehe.
    I want to discover who's Batman.

    Here comes the bloody do you want to kill Batman?

    I want to crush him right in front of me!
    Kill him?That's not my business.
    He'll die laughing!*serious voice*Literally.
    He'll stay in one of my plants so I can see him whenever I want.
    ...about to make become the ice red...
    Killed by my blade and devoured by my birds...

    Do you have any henchmen/girls?

    Two Kabuki Twins that can slice you like sushi.
    Harley is my only henchgirl and she's enough.
    No,but I wish to have a Cat-girl
    Two Polar Bears.
    My plants of course!
    A group of women and men that adore me and execute every order.

    Who's the best in Gotham?

    ...I don't care.
    Me of course!
    Surely me.
    Do I really have to answer that?*ironic*
    Haha me!

    Give us a laugh!

    I can give you a meow if you want...
    Hee hee...
    *evil laugh*

    Any last words for the fans?

    Greener is better!
    *blows kiss*
    Smile folks ol' uncle Joker love smiles!
    The brain is the key for success.
    Bye I guess.

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