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    Welcome! Remember - through the quiz, answer what you WOULD do - not what you SHOULD do. Sometimes just because you know what decision is the right one, doesn't mean that it's the one you would choose. Try to really put yourself in these situations, and choose what you think you would REALLY do for accurate results. Anyway, to begin, choose every trait that you think describes you.

    (choose at least 1 and at most 6 answers)

    What would you do to show your friends that you care about them?

    (choose at least 1 and at most 6 answers)
    Try to spend a lot of time with them.
    Treat them respectfully.
    Try not to keep secrets.
    Give them gifts.
    Make them smile.
    Be there for them when they need you.

    One of your good friends is being bullied. What do you do?

    Draw Attention to you, and run as they start to chase you.
    Yell at the bullies and tell them to stop or else you'll call someone.
    Stand there and try to quickly think about how to get your friend out without having to fight.
    Reach in and try pulling your friend out of the situation so you can both run away.
    Use yourself as a sheild so that they hurt you instead of your friend.
    Try to defend your friend by attempting to fight them.

    Luckily, everything turned out alright - but your friend is still injured. What would you do to help them feel better?

    (choose at least 1 and at most 6 answers)
    You take off your scarf and use it to wrap the largest wound you've seen while you talk to them sweetly.
    You tell them funny stories, trying to make them laugh.
    You smile and tell them not to move very much until you get them back to their house.
    You give helpful advice on how you think they should treat themselves so that they heal well and/or don't get into this situation again.
    You tell them that you'll spend the night with them tonight if they need company after such a scary event.
    You help them get home as you tell them how worried you were, and how glad you are that they're safe now.

    You were planning on meeting some of your friends at the movies, but they're ten minutes late. You have no phone. What do you do?

    You ask to borrow someone's phone, and call to tell them that they're late and ask how long they'll be.
    You buy some snacks for everyone before they get there while you wait.
    You wait near the door. You aren't worried, but curious about what's taking them so long.
    Without worrying, you explore the main room of the theater a little, playing an arcade game or two while waiting.
    You simply keep waiting, not concerned that they're a little late.
    You sit down a little worried, waiting for them and hoping that nothing bad has happened to them.

    After waiting at the movies for a while, you realize that it's thirty minutes past the time that they were supposed to arrive - and the movie is starting soon. One of your friends has the tickets, so you can't go in without them. What now?

    It's getting late, but there isn't much you can do, so you decide to buy something for yourself to keep you occupied while you await your friends' arrival.
    You decide to wait patiently outside, but you are getting a little upset. You trust your friends - but you don't like whoever or whatever is stopping them from being there.
    You worry that something may have happened, and you go out to look for them.
    You worry that they may not show before you leave, and so you take some of your money and put it somewhere safe so you can pay them back for your ticket the next time you see them. Hopefully they'll show, and that won't be the case - but it's just in case.
    You worry that you should probably go home, but you don't want to be gone if your friends arrive, so you simply stay and continue waiting.
    You ask to borrow someone's phone nervously, and tell your friends how you feel once you get a hold of them, asking when they'll be there.

    You find out that the boyfriend/girlfriend of a close friend of yours is cheating on them! What do you do?

    Spend your time talking to your friend's boyfriend/girlfriend and try to get things straightened out. Then spend the rest of your time with your friend as you try to keep them as safe as you can.
    Try to keep your friend in a good mood for a while, as you think of the perfect moment to say something.
    Advise your friend that you think they should break up - but don't tell them why.
    Wait and try to think of the most gentle way to give your friend the information before saying a word.
    Tell your friend as soon as you can.
    Go to your friend's boyfriend/girlfriend and try to get more information from the source before saying anything to your friend.

    You see your friend's boyfriend/girlfriend in person, and the cheating subject comes up. What do you say?

    (choose at least 1 and at most 6 answers)
    You explain that you think it's wrong, and without making a scene - you try to ask why they're doing that to your friend.
    You get passionate with your words as you try to ask what's going on, and to see if you can help fix everything.
    You act as though it's no big deal so that they feel comfortable, and then you start trying to get answers out of them while they think you're not upset (but you actually are).
    Tell them exactly how you feel, and how you don't approve.
    You get upset, and advise the person to choose one or the other - or else you'll choose for them.
    You keep talking with them until you convince them of what's right to do - no matter how long it takes you.

    After a long while, that subject is cleared up - but your friend is still experiencing relationship problems with their boyfriend/girlfriend. Even from the beginning, you never liked the way that they treated your friend. What advice do you give your friend?

    (choose at least 1 and at most 6 answers)
    You say to your friend to give their boyfriend/girlfriend a chance, even if they do seem a little rough around the edges.
    You say to break up with them, because you know it's better for both of them.
    You tell your friend to take their boyfriend/girlfriend out on a date and try to loosen up, and open up to each other.
    You give some basic good advice, and say that if they need you, you're there for them.
    You explain that you don't think staying with their boyfriend/girlfriend is the best idea, but that if your friend still really loves their boyfriend/girlfriend, then you'll support the relationship in whatever way you can.
    You tell your friend that things are going to work out, and that they just need to spend some time together.

    One day, your friend starts a hobby that you don't like. It's not a bad hobby, but it certainly isn't your cup of tea, and you have no interest in trying it. You've tolerated it for a long time, but because you haven't said anything bad about it, your friend assumes that you like it, too. They want you to join them and try it out. What do you do?

    Decide that you'll go, but you want other friends to come too.
    You hesitantly accept the invitation, and try to make due the best you can.
    You don't want to hurt your friends feelings, so you tell them that you'll go, but you're hoping that your friend will understand if you tell them that you don't like it.
    You don't appear enthused, but you tell them that you'll try it out and also support them.
    You kindly explain that you don't actually like your friend's hobby and you'd rather not - but that you'll go if your friend still really wants you to.
    You try to look on the bright side, and make the best of it.

    Because of one big complicated situation, you find yourself pet sitting for someone who you barely know. It's a rabbit and without knowing why, one day you discover that the rabbit is dead in it's cage. You know that you did everything you were told - so the reason of death is a mystery. Which of these are you most likely to do in this situation?

    You wait until they ask, and then explain what happened. You apologize, and offer to make it up to them.
    You go over what you did over and over again, and after realizing that finding the cause of death is hopeless, you cringe at the thought of having to tell the person - and you wait to tell them for as long as possible until they ask, trying to come up with the most reassuring answer in the meantime.
    Telling them is hard, but afterward you try your best to make them feel better, even if that meant looking like a fool.
    You nervously and regretfully explain what happened, but offer to have a mini funeral for the deceased rabbit.
    You hide it from them nervously until they ask, and afterwards all you can do is apologize, afraid of how hurt the other person will be.
    You regretfully admit what happened as soon as you can, and apologize.

    Out of these, what two qualities are the most important to you in a friend? "Someone who ________"

    (choose at least 2 and at most 2 answers)
    ... honors their friends.
    ... stays true to people.
    ... honors their word.
    ... is giving.
    ... isn't easily offended.
    ... is polite.

    Out of these, what two qualities do you dislike most in a friend? "Someone who ________"

    (choose at least 2 and at most 2 answers)
    ... has a short temper.
    ... is violent.
    ... is selfish.
    ... has a general dislike of others.
    ... isn't always truthful.
    ... is too cowardly to help.

    Why do you think anyone would dislike you? "They think I ________"

    (choose at least 1 and at most 6 answers)
    ... don't know how to back off.
    ... don't take things seriously.
    ... am too blunt.
    ... am too busy helping others that I don't care for myself.
    ... am secretly lonely.
    ... don't know how to say 'no'.

    Why do you think people like you right now? "They think I ________"

    (choose at least 1 and at most 6 answers)
    ... am trustworthy.
    ... am truthful.
    ... am giving.
    ... am polite.
    ... am friendly.
    ... am light-hearted.

    If someone told you that you have to live on an entirely different planet tomorrow, and you can NEVER come back to your home planet, how would you spend your last day on Earth?

    (choose at least 1 and at most 6 answers)
    Getting with friends, and just having an amazing day.
    Getting in contact with as many of my friends and family members as I can to give them the news.
    Helping as many people as I can.
    Getting together with all of my friends to be by them a while longer.
    Holding back my tears, and giving everyone the best last-day before I leave.
    Try to make amends with anyone that I was struggling with, and then say goodbye to everyone I love.

    One day, you and a friend of yours get into a big argument. The next day, you feel better about it, but your friend is still holding a grudge. They're still upset with you after a day or two. You feel bad about it. How do you handle this?

    (choose at least 1 and at most 2 answers)
    Stand away and have them let off steam, knowing they need time to themselves.
    Keep your distance, but be sure that you're nearby in case they get over it.
    Go up to them as though everything is alrght, and try to cheer them up.
    Try to sort things out gently without making them even more upset.
    Tell them that you're feeling bad, and try to ask them why they're still upset.
    Ask if there's anything you can do for them, but keep your distance if you feel they need it.

    You have two friends - one female, and one male - but they both hate each other. Usually it isn't a problem because you only hang out with one of them at a time. But today, both of them are throwing a party at the SAME time, in different places! They both asked you to be the guest of honor - meaning you have to be there for the whole party. In thinking about which party to go to, you note that your female friend is moving to a new town next week, so this is your last time to see her. But on the other hand, this is a VERY important day for your male friend, because it's a party to celebrate finally having his first book published, which has been his dream for a very long time. What do you do?

    Go to your female friend's party because it's the last time you can see her, but be sure to pass by your male friend's home beforehand and give him a gift to honor his new book.
    Go to your male friend's party because he's celebrating a day he's waited for all his life - but only after arranging a good date to meet with your other friend even after she moves.
    Choose a party to go to, but make sure to go to the other friend's home and give them party supplies and game ideas to make sure they have a good time regardless.
    Go to one party, but find a really good excuse to leave early so that you can attend the second one as well.
    Tell them that if you can't spend half your time at one party and half your time in the other, then you don't feel that it's right to attend either one.
    Tell them that you don't want to attend either party because it would be unfair to the other person - but you'll arrange to meet them both on separate dates if they want to spend time with you.

    It is Valentine's Day, and you go to a special party that someone at school had invited you to. Turns out, all of your friends were there! But one of the party games went bad, and involved two of your friends being pushed into each other, and accidentally kissing in front of a crowd of people. Both of them are sensitive people - so you know that both were very embarrassed and hurt. What do you do?

    Try to help them shake it off afterward and have a good time.
    As soon as it happens, you make sure to stay by them and tell off anyone who tries to tease.
    You talk to one of them at a time, trying to ask if there's anything you can do and try to cheer them up.
    You get them both near eachother and talk to them at the same time, hoping to cheer them up by sharing one of your own embarrassing secrets.
    You get them together and away from the crowds, and remind them what good friends they are, in hopes that they won't let this awkward day affect them.
    You try to make them feel better, and also tell them that you're afraid that they won't speak to each other again - and ask what can be done to prevent that.

    Last one. Out of these things, what would upset you the most?

    (choose at least 1 and at most 3 answers)
    If you didn't have friends anymore.
    If your friends were secretly taking advantage of you.
    If your friends left you in a time of need.
    If you found out that all of your friends have been lying to you about everything.
    If suddenly, your friends began to tease you and make fun of you.
    If every friend you had was too depressed to want you around.

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