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    Male or female?

    (choose at least 1 and at most 1 answers)


    (choose at least 1 and at most 3 answers)
    Easily Distracted
    Easily riled up to fight!

    When approaching an enemy you respond with...

    I'm going to have to kill you. *twisted smirk*
    Oy, let's see what your made of!
    I will fight to protect what is precious.
    I do not wish to fight, but I will if I must.
    Don't make me go full level beast mode on you!

    How do you begin a fight?

    See what your enemy has to offer then show them what your made of!
    Swords ablaze how else?!
    I do not wish to fight but I am above you all.
    Let me remember how to do this...oh yea!
    You leave me no choice...Bankai!

    "Why don't you just finish me?!? DEAL THE FINAL BLOW!" You respond with...?

    What's the point you will die soon anyways?
    I will show you a move that only you are lucky to bad you wont live to tell the tale.
    My heart cannot and will not let me...
    There was no time for you to say that...I've already dealt the final blow MUAHAHAHA!
    Revenge shall be mine.

    Will you draw your sword? Will you challenge me?

    Ha I thought you would never ask my friend.
    I do not wish to fight you.
    I will fight you if you stand in the way of what I believe in.
    Fuu...I'll fight you just to fight you kid...lets do this!
    I need to sword to defeat you.

    What are your outlook on humans?

    I will protect them.
    What is a human?
    They do not bother me.
    Pathetic beings who deserve to be extinguished from the earth.
    Human?! Pah if they aren't strong they don't matter.

    How do you feel now?

    (choose at least 2 and at most 5 answers)
    Lost and confused...oh dear.
    Tired of this test and wish it were done.
    Excited to see what outcome I have! ^^
    I feel like I should be training to become stronger...
    I feel like this quiz maker is not very good at being consistent with grammar...oh dear I over think things...
    I just click this answer because.

    What phrase describes you?

    I will protect you...I WILL.
    I have no time or need for you.
    I am here under orders but I will protect what I must...if it comes down to it.
    Some think I am a child but they are wrong...I am STRONG!
    Now I feel like number one shining bright for everyone! Living out your fantasy shining bright for all to seeeeee yeaaa!

    Your favorite number...choose wisely.

    None of these come close.

    Where do you spend most of your time?

    Running around in the dessert of Hueco Mundo.
    In Aizen's Council.
    In Captain Yamamoto's Council.
    Training to become stronger.
    Where I please.

    Do you believe you are an Espada or Soul Reaper?

    Soul Reaper
    I have no idea what I am?!

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