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    What is your fighting style?

    I use a martial arts style that's mixed with multiple good things from other styles.
    How else does a man fight? I box.
    I'm a heavy wrestler.
    I use an ancient Xiaolin Martial art's technique!
    How else does a knight fight? I fence.

    You meet someone you really like: how do you treat them?

    What are you talking about (I actually don't like to show them my feelings)?
    What else do you do with someone you like? Flirting was done for a reason you know.
    Uuhhhhh *becomes all clumsy and falls over*
    I am polite and treat them the way they should be. In addition, I will fight for them as well.

    You just found out you'll be in a tag-team match: What do you plan with your partner?

    If we're working together; we'll figure it out.
    A tag team match? That ain't my style.
    They'd better be strong; or else they should just stay back!
    Oh man; a tag team match? Who is it?
    I will have to see my partner and figure out how we both can work together.

    You have a person you find as your enemy; how do you deal with them?

    You go out hunting after them; showing a picture of them to people you talk to, other Gundam fighters and all.
    I don't wanna talk about it right now. -goes off into a corner and cries pitifully-
    I show them my true intentions; I try not to be the one making a person my enemy.
    I cook them a meal before our fight in the tournament; because I want them to be at their best during the match.
    I show them the same fairness I show others in battle, regardless of personal relation.

    You have a super mode: How is it utilized?

    Two stages, one usable regardless, and the other taking training to use effectively.
    Of course, just like any other technique of mine; all in the hands.
    I use the environment as a weapon.
    It's an ancient Xiaolin technique.
    It's a step up in my usual technique, only much stronger.

    What type of meals do you eat?

    I'll eat whatever's offered.
    I'll eat it regardless of if I like it; I didn't have much to eat growing up anyhow,
    I simply eat what the guards feed me.
    I cook all of my meals myself, I am a pretty good chef after all,
    I thank the person feeding me for my meal, and be very polite as I eat it, regardless if I like it.

    You have a traumatic past experience; what does it involve?

    It involves something with the Dark Gundam; and Kyoji!
    Mommy! Don't go! Mommy!
    It involves myself failing at something so crucial.
    I use it to strengthen my resolve and train harder!
    I'd prefer we talk about something else, if you don't mind.

    Let's role play a bit: You have been chosen by your nation as a Gundam fighter, how do you pick your crew?

    I choose the person I feel is most qualified; and that they are a single person.
    I was assigned my crew by my nation; they're all guards.
    I chose my crew because they have served my family for many years.
    My crew raised me, and they're technically my guardians--I didn't have much of a choice.
    I chose them because I liked what I saw in their eyes.

    When asked by the people at the colony's press scene how you got there, what do you say?

    It doesn't matter how I got here, I'm gonna win all of my matches.
    My nation chose me for my most honorable performance.
    Like any American, I worked hard and become strong to achieve the American Dream!
    I'm a prisoner, and I have to fight.
    I kinda got chosen for this whole deal.

    You have your own motives to be a Gundam Fighter, what are they?

    To free my friends!
    To stop the Dark Gundam.
    To achieve the American Dream!
    To revive the Xiaolin Temple.
    To bring honor to my country.

    How do you decided to challenge another fighter?

    I challenge them first; always.
    I look to see if they're worth my time first
    I'm a prisoner and my country draws them into where I'm a prisoner and they disappear.
    I openly challenge them after seeing whether they are honorable.
    It's kinda complicated...

    You are victorious after a hard match; what do you do?

    I thank them for a good match; and help them out of their cockpit if they are injured.
    I honorably accept my victory, and see to it that they are okay.
    How else, be a good sportsman any way I can.
    I move on. My crew doesn't like me fraternizing with other Gundam Fighters.
    I do what any good fighter does afterward, I see if they're okay.

    How do you feel about being quizzed like this?

    Where will this be published; is my picture gonna be with it?
    -grunts, walks away after hearing hearing your crew call for you-
    It was kinda fun actually.
    I trust that if you are publishing this, you won't twist my words.
    If you were a martial artist, you'd have found all of this out by fighting with me.

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