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    How do you act while near your crush?

    Rude and/or moody
    Blushes alot
    Acts Normal

    He says hi. What do you do?

    Says "Hi" back
    Panics but somehow manages to respond
    Says: "What?!" Or something similar
    "Hellooo" ~

    Another girl starts flirting with your crush

    "Why you?!!"
    Gets jealous but doesn't really show anything
    Gets sad/cries
    Beats up other girl/ Blackmails her

    You're with a group of friends and he comes with his friends. You:

    Doesn't do anything
    Gets all flustered and blushes
    Gets a nagging feeling he's going to embarrass you
    Tries to pick up facts and info about him.

    When he's not there you:

    Wish you can show him your better side
    Finds more ways to be more cute without making it obvious
    Want him to like you more
    Want to know what he's doing with who and why

    He confesses to you!! You're reaction:

    Gets all quiet
    Grins, "Me too."

    He asks you to go on a date with him. You:

    "If its ____ then I don't mind"
    "Fine, if you insist"
    Nods and blushes

    You're friend teases you about him, you:

    Blushes,"St-stop it!!"
    Acts like you don't care
    "No I don't!!"

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