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    Let's start with the basics; Your favorite color?

    Anything beautiful or vibrant I suppose..
    COLORS? Who could possibly want to waste any given moment thinking about their favorite COLOR?!
    I use to like soft colors a long time ago I guess.. Now I don't know. Maybe red.. Yes, red.
    Hmm. Don't know. Ask someone else, they probably know. Since everyone else is smarter than I am.
    I don't know... sorry.
    DARK blue. Maybe even black. Then again, why are YOU asking?

    Ok then... Next question: Which of the following do you hate most?

    Loud noises.
    Annoying pests.
    PRESSURE. Anything that has to do with pressure..
    Rules. Hey, they're made to be broken, right?
    Flaws. Whether it be mine or yours...

    Pick 2 characteristics that fit you the most.

    (choose at least 2 and at most 2 answers)
    You think you're pretty much insane
    You think you're 100% sane


    is pretty much worthless
    is stupid
    is crazy!
    is too self-confident
    is too happy
    is uncaring

    Lovely. And Who do you think is best pony? (not psycho pony. I mean a pony from the show)

    Pinkie Pie of course~
    Definitely Twi...
    Dashie ..
    Fluttershy, duh.
    Rarity for sure

    You suddenly go on a killing spree. But where shall you do the killing?

    My basement.. No one can hear the victims there.
    My room. Where else is just like home?
    A barn, no one will find me there.
    Somewhere near my house. Not in my house though, because I don't want it to smell.
    A cellar.
    I don' want to go on a killing spree though, the cops might find me!!

    Choose your weapon:

    Broken beer bottle
    Medical tools
    My hooves (or hands if you're human)
    Don't need weapons, I'm stealth

    You love life.

    Love it? More like I wish I hadn't been born...
    Of course
    Not quite sure anymore.

    Your honest opinion about friends in general?

    FRIENDS? Who actually needs 'em.
    I absolutely love having friends
    Well they haven't really got me far... If anything, they made me worst
    I don't know WHAT I would do without friends!
    Oh friends? They're ok I guess...
    I love my close friends, but sometimes I still just... feel alone.

    Your mane is...

    Flat and gross. As usual.
    I just like to keep it short and choppy.
    Beautiful IMO
    usually up in a ponytail
    Crazy! or at least thats what others tell me..
    Dyed different colors. The way I like it ..

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