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    What would you want to do first at a wedding?

    Check to make sure everything is right.
    Look at the amazing dresses.
    Nothing. Just stay awesome.
    Um...I don't know, I...guess I would thank every pony
    Have fun!
    Look at the delicious cakes, or whatever they'll be
    I don't really care what I do first

    Which do you think is most important at the wedding?

    Everything being perfect
    The dresses, of course
    How cool it is
    I'm pretty sure everything would be perfect
    The end party!
    The food
    The wonderful music

    Who would you not want to come?

    Queen Chrysalis
    Anypony who thinks I'm not cool
    Umm...not to be mean....but...Gilda
    What are you talking about? I want everypony to come!
    Flim and Flam
    Any kind of villan

    What color would your dress/tux be?

    Blue or any other color
    I really don't care about the color. But orange would be nice

    What kind of music would there be?

    I like jazz music, it's nice
    Romantic music
    Definitley rock

    Where would you want the wedding to take place?

    The Crystal Kingdom
    A nice, calm place
    Pretty much anywhere, unless there's danger

    If you were stuck in the Crystal Caves, which one of these ponies would save you?

    Princess Celestia
    A dashing prince
    Help? Hah! I can save myself!
    I don't care. I'd just want to be saved
    DJ Pon3!
    One of my friends

    What would your/your bride's dress look like?

    Something with stars on it
    A long dress with a very nice design
    Something with a rainbow on it
    Something nice and comfortable, and not too crazy
    Something mixed-matched, totally crazy!
    Something that describes me

    Which Princess would host the Wedding?

    Princess Celestia
    Princess Luna
    Princess Cadance

    What would you/your bride's flowers look like?

    As long as they smell okay I'm fine
    Very pretty
    Very colorful!
    Just nice ones will be okay
    They'll be pink!
    I don't really want flowers, but red

    How would the Wedding end?

    With an amazing song
    With a wonderful dance
    With a Sonic Rainboom!
    Fireworks would be nice
    With a party!
    Eating the cake!

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