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    Greetings! Today you begin your day as a Musketeer!

    We shall brawl today like never before.
    We are happy to be here with you.
    *laughes* Alright then.
    At your service.

    What is your best ability?

    (choose at least 1 and at most 3 answers)
    Underwater walking.
    Brute Strength.
    Speed and Experience.
    Persistance and Courage.

    Do you fight fair or Dirty?

    No! I am noble enough for a fair fight.
    Who needs noble when you need to live...

    The guards are coming! What do you do?

    Draw my sword and cut my way through!
    Use my sword and a short sword to fight, using daggers when needed.
    Who needs a sword when I can just punch and bash em'?
    I would fight my way through and hopefully some beautiful girls would be watching.
    Why fight? They are MY guards!

    What angers you the most?

    A womans betrayal.
    No more wine.
    Someone insulting my horse without apologizing.
    A plan not going as I foretold.
    Being followed in a escape.

    Do you still believe in your religion?


    You have some free time! What do you do?

    Fight the guards.
    Practice fighting.
    I don't know. Paris is so different from my small town.

    We're done with day one!

    We lived!
    *laughes* A good day I say.
    I shall pray for those whom I have slain.
    Good. More time to focus on bigger plans.
    Hmph. I knew I would live.

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