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    Your best friend just invited you to a birthday party, and someone you absolutely hate is going to be there. What do you do?

    Well, you know what? I should go for my friend. I manage to get along pretty well with everyone, so I don't think there will be any problems.
    I don't really "hate" anyone, so I wouldn't have a problem going!
    I would tell my friend that I hate one of the guest so I won't go! I shouldn't go if someone annoying is going to be there!
    Hey, I'd just kinda go with the flow. Avoid the person I hate at all costs, but go for the sake of my friend.
    I wouldn't go rather someone I hated was there or not...

    Regardless of what you pick, your friend drags you to the party. What would you spend most of your time doing there?

    (choose at least 1 and at most 3 answers)
    U-uhm, I would be sticking close with my friends....
    Flirting, dancing, making sure my friends are having a good time.
    I'd probably just sit at the snack table, maybe having a drink.
    Why, I would never go. No one can "drag" me anywhere. That is very disrespectful!
    Flirting, eating, eating, and oh, did I mention flirting?

    Well, in the middle of doing said activity, you see the person you hate flirting with the girl/guy you have a crush on. How do you react to this?

    ......*Shrugs* What crush?
    I would get a little annoyed, but I wouldn't do anything about it.
    I would let that person know that my crush is MINE and mine only!
    Hey, I don't hate anyone, remember?? But if something like that would happen, I'd swoop in instantly and work my charms on my crush so they would pay no attention to the other person.

    Moving on....Later in the party you go over to the snack table to get something to eat, and you see someone DOUBLE-DIP THEIR CHIPS. What do you think?

    Ya know....I'd probably be the one double-dipping.
    Why should I care?
    I wouldn't think much about it...
    Ugh, that's disgusting! Where have manners gone!?
    I'd probably actually make a retort about it instead of just keeping it to myself.

    It's after the party, you go home, and you're exhausted. Is there anything that you want/need to do before going to bed?

    (choose at least 1 and at most 3 answers)
    Probably just brushing my teeth...Normal stuff...
    Plan the next day. What I need to do and when I need to do it.
    I wouldn't really have anything to do, so maybe I'd read a nice book while laying in bed, trying to fall asleep.
    Make sure that all of my pets are taken care of and ready for bed!

    The next day you wake up and your friend drags you to go shopping with them. What's the first thing you look at?

    (choose at least 1 and at most 3 answers)
    I don't have time to go to shopping!
    I'd probably just head to the food court or the arcade!
    I'd go wherever they'd want to go. I don't have much in particular to look at *shrugs*

    What's most important to you?

    (choose at least 1 and at most 3 answers)
    Doing the best that I can at everything I do
    Being strong, emotionally and physically, all the time.
    Surviving on my own.
    Protecting all of my loved ones and remaining loyal to them.
    Finding out what my purpose in life is...

    Your definition of family is?

    Something that I, like many others, unfortunately, have not had.
    People to protect you, love you and keep you company so you never feel alone.
    The people you should protect with your life and love endlessly. It doesn't matter if there's a blood relation. Anyone you care about can be family.
    Something that, in the end, is pointless.

    You think love is..?

    Something that I pursue, but can wait to find.
    Great! If I ever find "the one". For now, I'm not in any hurry.
    A beautiful thing if shared with the right people
    Not something that concerns me.

    What type of art do you like best?

    (choose at least 1 and at most 3 answers)
    I like all forms of art, actually....
    Martial arts.
    Does swordsmanship count?
    Traditional, like paintings.

    What do you believe in?

    (choose at least 2 and at most 5 answers)
    I believe in protecting everyone you care about with your life.
    I believe you should always be matter what position you are in...
    I believe that life is only as fun as you make it to be
    I believe in doing your best to help others!
    I don't really know....
    I believe in being strong, and helping others stay strong in their times of sorrow.
    I believe that you're better off alone and doing things for yourself.
    I believe in always being around your friends so they never feel lonely...

    What are some things you should learn to do?

    (choose at least 2 and at most 4 answers)
    To live my life for me once in a while.
    To learn how to say what I really feel.
    To move on from the past.
    To not act like such a show-off.
    To use manners more often.
    To stop doubting myself so much.
    To take things more seriously than I do.
    To trust others more often.

    Is there anything that you could teach people?

    (choose at least 1 and at most 3 answers)
    Maybe I could teach people to learn how to realize you don't need others.
    I know quite a lot about history, if that counts?
    I could teach people the value of loyalty.
    I could teach people to loosen up and have more fun!
    How to cook really good!
    I could teach people a lot of things about life. Live life to the fullest, realize you're never alone and that it's never hopeless.
    How to take things a little more seriously, I suppose....
    I've never really thought about that...

    Do you believe in love at first sight?

    No, you can't love someone withoug getting to know them first.
    I did at one point, but perhaps I was wrong.
    That's complete foolishness. There is absolutely no logic behind it, thus it is not possible.
    I don't really know anything about love right now....
    Perhaps for some, but not for me..
    Eh, I'm not too sure what I think about that.

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