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    When you feel severe emotional pain your body manifests the pain and hurts along with it. Where in your body does it hurt most when in despair?

    All around your head. Sometimes it becomes so unbearable you have a hard time thinking straight.
    Your neck feels rather tight and uncomfortable and you can't seem to shake the unsettling feeling off.
    Your back feels bruise-like pains and is somewhat cramped making you feel horrible. You like having a flexible and strong back so this is a problem.
    Your vision blurs and your eyes feel achy and weak. You have a hard time opening them and feel sluggish.
    Hands and feet feel rather numb and it is irritating. You like your feet and hands functioning properly or you feel useless.
    The muscles in your body feel achy and start to shiver.

    Dark-type Pokemon are notorious for being the cold loner-types with a nasty and questionable attitude. When you are feeling bitter about life where do you find yourself going to try to escape the misfortunes of the world?

    In a cold, chilling place far away from your home, preferably a quiet hill or high up in the mountains. You enjoy how pleasantly chill it feels because it numbs your thoughts and lets you relax for a short while.
    Anywhere that is wild and dangerous, a place where you can roam freely about with an ill-tempered attitude without feeling confined by society.
    Somewhere warm and isolated. Perhaps a far off cave where you can start a fire and warm your hurtful cold troubles away.
    In the middle of a dense forest with nothing but you and your shadow, and you prefer it to stay that way for a long time.
    A close friend's house you had to sneak into for you had nowhere else to go. You have a choice of hiding under their bed, in a closet, in a cupboard under the stairs, or behind a couch to avoid being seen.
    In the alleyways of an edgy city where the sky is always clear and the moon is never far away. You walk your path in solitude.

    Trainers and Pokemon alike both find your Dark-type image frightening and mysterious. What do you think your scariest quality is?

    I have a death-wielding bite that can damage the victim without much effort.
    My heart is always fiercely burning as well as the fire I create. Sometimes I can accidently scorch the ones I love around me. But when I am thoroughly ticked off you will be more than burnt, so you better watch your back.
    I am sneaky and unpredictable and have awful mood swings. Nobody knows when I might lash out at them so they keep their distance.
    I am a cold being, and of course being cold comes along with the power to actually freeze a living being. There is nothing amusing about being frozen so nobody tries to get on my bad side to begin with.
    I bring chaos on whichever path I take. Rumours and myths make me who I am and everyone well knows it. I do not even have to act and reveal myself to frighten those who are ignorant. They know nothing about me and sometimes I don't care enough to cause any damage.
    I appear as a haunting shadow most of the time. My arched back and raging crimson eyes are enough to spook anyone, not just the faint of heart.

    Do you feel you are very sensitive and sad when it comes to your past?

    No, I was always surrounded by close friends and family who supported me and had the decency to shelter me from some of the worst things in life. I actually had a fairly good past, and I wouldn't take it back for the world. There was so much laughter and good times. I cherish it.
    Sometimes I do. But having quite a bit of hardship has led me on a darker path through the years. I hope I see more light soon. I have a few problems but I ca't reject the past because it has made me who I am. I am strong.
    I don't care for the past very much to be honest. It's gone and done with. I might as well just keep on going and swing with what's going on now.
    Yes, I am. I had to go through so much treacherous pain it is unbelievable. Nobody will ever, ever comprehend all of the disasters I had to face. I wish I could just tear away the past, rip it from my mind, so I shall forget it all.
    The past does't exist anymore. All that exists is now. I don't like thinking about all the things 've done. Some were unpleasant, and others were acceptable. I don't know. I just don't feel much about it.
    ) I feel really bitter, and I would go back in time for anything in the world. If I could fix things I wouldn't feel so alone and abandoned. I ruined a lot of relationships and friendships because I was selfish. I am learning to deal with it now but it still affects me every day.

    How often do you join society and get out of your personal bubble?

    Society is for fools who are just brainwashed into an endless cycle of work and stereotypes.
    Eh. I am in and out of society. It depends on my mood. Usually the outside world tries to pull me away from my downtime that keeps me rooted and healthy.
    I avoid society all together. It is pretty much worthless in the long run. I can achieve more by working on things by myself. There isn't just one way of living life.
    Sure, I guess society is a bit fun sometimes so I join whenever I can. I get to talk to a lot of different Pokemon that were forced to be a part of this world as well. There's no sense in being alone if there is a whole wide world to explore and learn from.
    No, I prefer to walk alone. I don't have anything against society. I just don't care for it.
    I get out all the time. I am often found surrounded by loyal friends that make living enjoyable. The outside world is the best thing about life.

    Have you ever found a soulmate to love in your life? If your soul mate is no more (due to relationship issues or death) the question still applies.

    I despise love. I may have felt the feeling once before but it feels wrong. I have never found love, I have only ever felt the feeling of it. All it does is distract you from your ambitions. It's pointless and all it does is hurt the poor souls in the end.
    I've only ever found one soul mate. But it's complicated. And I think if things keep falling apart I will never be able to love so passionately like this ever again.
    I'm too free-spirited to have ever thought much about relationships. I am not attached to things like that. But I would possibly want to have someone to love one day.
    Yes, I have. And I am glad that the feeling of love has stuck with me.
    ) I had many loves in my past that I considered soul mates but they never lasted long. I do't believe in them anymore. Life forever changes and that's the beauty of it.
    Yeah, I have. And honestly, I don't really care who I am with or have been with in the past. It is only a small part of life and just a random, out-of-freaking-nowhere bonus on top of all the horrible crap that happens.

    7 Everyone is burdened with their own flaws that they hate about themselves. What issue do you think describes you most?

    I act too quick and eagerly. I don't think about what I am getting myself into most of the time and I feel a little bit naive. I am also impatient and always get jittery and nervous and upset when something is not solved right away.
    I have a sharp-tongue and am rather uncaring to strangers and even to good friends and family. It is just somehow in my nature to spew dark thoughts and stir up trouble. I wish I could change because I don't want more things to fall apart even if I do take pleasure in watching myself lose everything I don't deserve.
    I am a bit of a liar and live off of being expertly sneaky and suave. I know how to work my way around things and avoid unpleasant situations. I get away with too much and it makes me feel cocky. I just don't like being suspicious and treated like I'm untrustworthy.
    I try to make it on my own most of the time when I really need a bit of help. I cut myself off from the world and I find relying on friends and family is a weakness. I feel like I have to keep pushing myself but I suffer so many personal wounds because of it.
    I am cold and snap at everyone often. I get irritated far too quickly and I have a negative outlook on life. I miss all the good things about the world because I am too busy criticizing everything and finding doubt in even the things I love most.
    I have major anger issues that I cannot control at times. I rage and it usually ends up harming those around me. I am mean, resentful, and cruel in my opinion. I don't like myself.

    How would you prefer the world to end if doomsday was upon us?

    ) I would want the shadows to rise up from the ground, from the oblivious people to whom they are chained, and swallow the world whole until black is darker than black.
    I personally hope it all ends in an extremely painful fire. We might as well die off with something that we will remember if there is a future existence out there. Everything can burn for all I care.
    Would sharp unforgiving ice be alright? I'd rather everything freeze. I don't mind the cold much and plus we'd all become numb and after a while not feel a thing. Death will be welcoming. It'll come as if we are asleep.
    I would rather it not end? I don't even want to think about it because it's not going to happen, I guarantee you. Everyone and their conspiracies Pfftt.
    I'd prefer it to end in my sleep. At least I could have one final dream before I'm blown up by aliens, explosions, killer tsunamis, or whatever trash those nitwits are spreading.
    Of course the fate of the world would be up to me so I have no idea why you are questioning my future plan.

    And finally. Oh yes, finally. How do you react to a life-threatening situation?

    Protect myself with as much ice as possible. Hopefully it won't break.
    Stand up and fight boldly, but while using dirty and unexpected tricks to ensure your life might go on.
    Blast an inferno of fire in every single direction.
    Bare my teeth and intimidate the situation with very vicious eyes.
    Flee as quickly as I can from the scene. There is always a possibility of escape. Always. And no, I am not a coward. I am just intelligent, unlike the rest of you who will probably pick a different option because you're so 'brave'. Haha.
    I AM the life-threatening situation. The rest of you are already dead.

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