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    You're in a dangerous situation and you need back-up. You can only take on person. Who do you choose?


    You guys head out, eyes wary. Then, something comes storming towards you! What do you do?

    Use my gigantic claws! If I swipe them hard enough, they won't know what hit them.
    Freeze them, then when I come back I'll push them down and hear them cackle!
    I have to get rid of all the witnesses so I can get away with it.
    Use my acrobatic skills and telepathy to confuse them and slam them into the ground. Quite easy!

    Your partner sees you fall down, and they decide to kill the creature. What do they do?

    They scratch them apart, but I look away. Too bloody for this person.
    Freeze them. Gosh, their awesome.
    They punch and kick them to the death.
    All of the above!

    You guys are able to head out, and the task is complete. What is your reaction?

    I smash my claws into the ground! Victory is ours!
    I pant and snarl. I do this often. o-o
    I make water and give everybody fresh water. Haha, everybody loves it.
    I teleport random places yelling; "We pwned those suckers!" Wolverine drinks to that.
    Just hang out and chat, having a break for about 30 minutes. Felt good.

    Walking back, you decide to do something while your friends get everybody a task from the wall. What do you decide to do?

    (choose at least 1 and at most 4 answers)
    Sit back and relax, freeze some water then gather up ice. Sounds like paradise to me!
    Huh, I'll just annoy everybody outside with my telepathy skills. Seems reasonable, don't you think?
    Write about my adventure with my claws.
    All of the above.

    Your talents?

    (choose at least 1 and at most 4 answers)
    Talking, insulting.
    Intimidating others.
    Huh. I have no talents.
    None of the above.
    All of the above.

    Amazing. If I gave you claws randomly, your reaction?

    I slice you by accident?
    I run out to threaten people, see their reaction. lD
    I would get rid of them immediately.

    If you had ice powers?

    Freeze my drinks, or Rogue's drinks.
    Freeze all my enemies in awe.
    Give the powers to Iceman. They're useless to me.

    How about acrobatic skills?

    I already have those. Want me to test them out? *Smirk.*
    Flip and twist while using my claws!
    Whatever they're useful for.

    Your day is over. How do you feel?

    I'm gonna go get a drink. Hey Rogue, wanna come?
    I don't sleep. I "nap."
    Excited for tomorrow, because I'm not to fond of sleeping upside down.
    WHO AM I?!

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