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    Well, shall we get started on this quiz?

    Please!? I'm growing impatient, slow-poke!
    Sounds fun!
    Hurry up will ya *grumbles*
    Alright, I'd like that.
    Sure, why not?
    Yo! Get on with it!
    I'd rather we didn't.....
    Of course!

    Don't kill me for this....what's your favorite color?

    (choose at least 1 and at most 3 answers)
    Something peaceful and pretty, like baby blue or pink~
    Colors? I don't care about stuff like that!
    BRIGHT colors! Yellows, oranges, things like that!
    Maybe red...or black..

    What is your biggest goal in life?

    (choose at least 2 and at most 5 answers)
    Can't say I've given anything like that much thought!
    To finally achieve all of my dreams!
    To get revenge and make a peaceful life for my family.
    To keep all of the ones I love safe.
    To help others and maybe have a family of my own someday~
    To become stronger and wiser.

    Well, what are you most scared of?

    Being thought of as "weak"!
    My sins never being forgiven.
    My loved ones dying.
    I ain't go no fears!
    Failing everyone I love..

    How about a little bit of RP?

    That always makes quizzes more interesting.
    Bring it on!
    Sure, sounds fun!

    So let's say you're walking down the streets and.......

    Tell me! Tell me! Tell me!
    And what?

    You see Sephiroth standing nearby, in bell-bottom pants disco-dancing. How do you react?

    *face palm*
    Never in all my days have I seen something this out of the ordinary..
    Uh, what!? Are you sure that's Sephiroth!?
    Man, that guy is a weirdo....
    Looks like fun! *joins him*

    You found out the world is in danger and it's likely to die. What do you do?

    (choose at least 2 and at most 4 answers)
    *insert cuss word* I GOTTA DO WHATEVER I CAN TO STOP THAT!!!!!
    I'd get a bunch of people to help me save it!
    Save it, DUH!!!! I don't wanna die yet!
    Well...maybe this is what I've been waiting for....
    I'd seek advice from wiser people on what to do...
    Well, if the planet dies, I
    I would do everything in my power to protect the people~
    Save it of course!

    You and your friends made plans, but you're running an hour (or more) late. What do you tell them?

    (choose at least 1 and at most 3 answers)
    SORRY! I can't be perfect ALL the time!
    Hey, if they can't be patient for me then they're not worth it!
    I'm SO sorry I'm late! My boyfriend/girlfriend kept me up all night talking!
    Sorry I'm late....
    The only reasons I'd be late is if I got caught up in house work~
    I'm sorta the "leader" of my friends so I'm never the one late!!

    You found out that one of your friends have been kidnapped. How do you react?

    I'd risk my life to save them and take down anyone in my way!!!!
    I'd get some of my friends save them, hopefully without too much violence!
    I'd lead a group of people to help me find them!
    I'd devise a plan on how to find and bring them back, safely.

    Say one of your closest friends asked to borrow your cellphone and ended up dropping it, causing it to break. What do you do?

    Demand a new one right away! *insert cuss words*
    I don't have a cellphone...
    Forgive them. It was an accident. I'll just exchange it for a new one!
    *insert cuss words* WHAT'D YOU DO THAT FOR!??!??!
    *shrugs* I never used it much anyways.

    That's the last of the RP. Please pick some words that describe you~

    (choose at least 3 and at most 5 answers)
    Talkative, fun-loving, optimistic.
    Determined, illogical, dreamer.
    Spunky, loud, tomboy.
    Motherly, caring, protective.
    Intelligent, untrusting, mysterious.
    Refined, quiet, depressed.
    Shy, protective, loyal.
    Outgoing, bubbly, feminine.
    Bossy, short-tempered, rude.

    Do you like children?

    GAWD they are so annoying! NO!
    Sure, they're cool!
    I love them!
    In a sense, I am but a child myself...

    What do you do in your spare time?

    (choose at least 2 and at most 5 answers)
    Work out or spend time alone?
    I don't have no spare time!
    I just like to relax outside, or do something fun!
    Tinker with mechanics or something of the sorts.
    Anything FUN!!!!
    I do house work or help my friends!
    Study and train to better myself

    What do people think of you?

    (choose at least 2 and at most 5 answers)
    People think I'm selfish when I'm not. Well, maybe I am a little....
    They love me!!! *wink wink*
    That I'm all work and no play.
    People think I'm far older than I am due to my wisdom.
    They think I can't take care of myself when I'm quite capable on my own!
    *shrugs* Why do I care what they think of me?
    That I'm cold and uncaring.
    They think I'm a fool for chasing my dreams!
    Everyone expects me to be cheerful all the time.

    That's it. I hope you enjoyed!

    See ya! *waves*
    Good job! Take care!
    Ok, see ya..
    That was a nice quiz! *smile*
    I could have made a better quiz, but not bad! See ya!
    It wasn't bad.
    It's just a stupid quiz! Anyone can make one!!!
    See ya, moron!

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