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    Hi there!

    Oh. Hi.
    Hi! What do you want?
    What? What is it?
    Uh... Uh... Hi?
    Hi!!!! :D
    Huh? Ooooh, hi! ^^
    Hello, there. *evil smile*

    Which weapon do you prefer?

    My smarts.

    So, where will you go when the Zombie Apocalypse starts?

    To my family!
    I don't care, as long as I survive.
    A desolate place, where I can be the leader of everything.
    Away from the scary people. :(

    What do you like to wear?

    My school uniform.
    I don't really care.
    Clothes that show how smart I am.
    A suit.

    Here come the situations! ^^

    Ok, I am ready.
    Get on with it.
    What? Oh, um.... Ok?
    Let's go. *evil smile*

    Zombies have bitten your boyfriend/girlfriend. What do you do?

    Protect them. They could survive!
    Kill them. It's for their (and our) own good.

    You're trapped in a house, with little food and weaponry. What would you do?

    'd escape with all the weapons possible.
    I'd stay until the zombies were away from the house, then run.
    I'd go outside and kill all the zombies, showing everyone how heroic I am :3
    I would stay inside, and wait for Takashi to save me! ^^

    You've been separated from the group, but they'll come and get you in a couple of hours. What do you do in the meantime?

    Stay scarce. Collect food for the group.
    Kill as many zombies as possible.
    Collect supplies for the group, including weapons, and a car, or a bus.
    Hide from the monsters!

    There is no hope left. The world has crumbled. What are your thoughts?

    There is always hope...
    We might just have to re-populate the earth. You first. *evil smile*
    I give up. *lies down and waits*

    Last question! Just kidding :)

    *sigh* Your wasting my time.
    Hee hee! That was funny ^^
    Huuuuh? Oh... Ok then. :)
    You're stupid. I hate stupid people.

    Ok, this is really the last question. Bye bye!

    Goodbye, and good luck.
    See ya! ^^
    Just go already.
    Yeah, yeah.
    Oooooh! Bye! :)
    Heh heh. You'll die without me.

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