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    You walk around along a forest path, looking for something to do. What do you have in mind?

    Why, come to think of it, it's been a whole hour since I last I brushed my fur!
    I don't know. I'll find something to do.
    Maybe I'll go exploring.
    What's under there? *goes into leaf pile*

    You turn around, and a Mew is hiding behind a rock! What do you do?

    Oh, hi!
    Ask her what to do.
    Don't get ANY dust on me!
    Walk over out of curiosity.

    "Ooh! Another Pokemon!" The Mew says. "Let's play! What game do YOU want to play?"

    Whatever you want to play.
    Hide and seek! *hides aready*
    Uhhh I don't know.

    You play with the Mew untill she seems satisfied, then you make your way along the path. Suddenly, you hear rustling in the branches nearby. What do you do?

    Okay, guy, I know I'm attractive but I want to be left ALONE.
    Who's there?!
    Look around, then move on.

    The Mew from before flies out of the bushes and flies in a circle around you. "Ooh! You're going? Can I come too?"

    Don't you have anywhere else to be? I've got HAIR to take care of.
    Yeah! *thinks about what the little guy can do*
    I guess. I've got nothing else better to do.
    Sure, if you like SCIENCE. *eye twitches*

    The Mew follows you untill you reach the edge of the forest and at your house. She tries to follow you inside. What do you do?

    Whoa! Not so fast, bud. I've got a whole lot of nothing to do.
    No! No way you're getting dirt in my house!
    *lets Mew in*

    She sits on the ground, and gives you the Cute Eyes. "Please let me in! I don't have a home, see."

    Your problem! Just kidding, get in here.
    Fine. Just don't dirty up the place.
    Okay, you can stay, but ONLY for a little bi- *Mew rushes in* "Of course!"
    You can come in! It'll be SO fun!

    After a whole day of play, the Mew finally seems to be tuckered out. She goes back to the forest, but not after shouting, "BYE!"

    (Don't come back!)
    Maybe you can come over tomarrow!
    I'm gonna miss her.

    You go into the kitchen to have dinner. What are you eating?

    Oh my Arceus, you're still here, narrator? Uhhh... Waffles? I guess?
    I'll try something new!
    A nice, clean, organized ice cream.
    NO!! I MISSED DINNER!! *sobs*

    You decide to go to your room to listen to some music. Which song might you listen to?

    First Of The Year (Equinox)
    Stamp On The Ground
    Puttin' On The Ritz

    Right in the middle of your song, your mother comes in and powers off your computer/iPod. "Bed. NOW." She says.

    Five more minutes! *moans*
    WHA! YOU... WHA?!
    YES! NOW I CAN SLEEP! *falls asleep in chair*

    In your dream, a Mew says to you, "Are you ready to find out what Pokemon you are?"

    I know it's you, narrator.
    "oh! I wonder...
    Tell me! Tell me! I'm gonna DIE from anticipation!

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