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    Choose your color of choice:


    Choose your weapon of choice:

    A device that controls time.
    A spear.
    A rifle.
    A magical bow and arrow.
    A sword.
    My own hands.

    You run into an adorable creature that was previously being chased. After catching its breath, the creature tells you that it can turn you into a magical girl and grant one of your wishes if you make a contract with it. Do you make the contract?

    I've already made the contract and had my wish granted.
    I've already made the contract and regret making that decision.
    I'm cautious about the contract details and decide to wait. I need more time to think of a better wish.
    I've contemplated my wish and am ready to make the contract.
    I decide to make a contract immediately and have my wish granted.
    I don't think I'll make a contract with that creature.

    Before you decide on whether or not you'll make the contract, you must first think of your wish. What is your wish?

    I wish to meet someone.
    I wish to give happiness to someone I love.
    I wish to prolong my life.
    I wish to help my family.
    I wish to erase the world's pain.
    I'm not sure what my wish would be.

    What does being a magical girl mean to you?

    It means I have the power to fight for mankind's safety.
    It means that I won't become a burden.
    It means I have power to save the person I love most from disaster.
    It means I can be strong enough to take care of myself.
    It means I can save everyone from sadness and pain.
    It means I have the power to attone for my sins.

    What is your best attribute as a magical girl?

    I'm selfless when it comes to protecting people from suffering.
    I'm a dependable friend.
    I'm supportive of my friends.
    I'm very agressive when it comes to protecting the people I love.
    I fight for myself.
    I'm able to rely on my own talents to get by.

    What is your worst attribute as a magical girl?

    I fight only for reward.
    I am not able to rely on people.
    I'm too weak to help anyone.
    My ideals are not realistic.
    I split my attention and get distracted.
    I try to help people to the point where I cause harm to myself

    A friend of yours is being attacked by a low-level witch. What do you do to help?

    I'm not a magical girl, so I can only help by giving my support and friendship.
    I might not be a magical girl, but that doesn't mean I can't hit the witch! Of course, I'll make sure my friend is safe before I cause any damage.
    I quickly and easily defeat the witch using a variety of attack manuevers. After I have defeated the witch, I make sure my friend is safe.
    I don't have friends, so I don't need to worry about this person. I'm only fighting this witch to gain a reward.
    I will ensure that my friend will never be harmed by erasing all witches before this even happens!
    I make sure my friend is safe before I do anything rash. Once I know they are safe I will use my magical powers to slay the witch.

    You discover what exactly becoming a magical girl means. How does this affect you?

    I have lost faith in my cause as a magical girl.
    Now I don't think I'm ready to become a magical girl.
    I'm disappointed in the decisions I made and what I gave up to become a magical girl.
    It doesn't affect me at all. I've already accepted that I have to leave my humanity behind in order to fulfill my goals.
    I think I'm still willing to accept the responsibilities and consequences of becoming a magical girl.
    I'm not quite sure I'm aware of what you're referring to?

    What was the greatest thing you lost by becoming a magical girl?

    My family.
    My humanity.
    The person I love.
    The chance to be normal.

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